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Conference Room Resource Management

Fix conference room technology issues faster with Teem Work Requests.

Meeting Room Tech Issues Kill Productivity

When meetings start late, it’s often because the conference room equipment is lacking in some way: the connector cable needed for the presentation is missing, the phone doesn’t work, etc. Everyone wastes time, plus they’re frustrated because they can’t get down to the business at hand.

There's a Better Way

Meeting participants aren’t the only ones affected. On average, IT managers walk nearly half a mile each week, just going back and forth from their desks to help out with conference room technology incidents. Sure, they’re hitting their daily step goals … but there’s got to be a better way.

Work Requests Cuts Down on Wasted Time

The Teem Room Display's Work Request feature allows users to report conference room equipment issues to the right person within the company with just a few taps on the conference room display. It simplifies help requests for employees who use the conference rooms and enables IT teams to manage equipment more efficiently.

Check Out the Room Display App
jira integrated conference room requests

Here’s How Work Requests Work:

Head to the Room Display

When someone notices a problem, either the meeting organizer or an attendee walks up to the room display, taps the Menu option on the screen, and chooses "Report an Issue."

Choose the Resource

The display shows a list of resource types to choose from: Apple TV, chairs, videoconferencing system, for example.

Describe the Problem

They click the icon for the resource that’s having problems, then use the on-screen keypad to describe the issue.

Submit the Request

Once they’re done typing, an email alert is sent to the person or system that’s been set up to receive it. (Some companies prefer to send alerts directly into their issue tracking system through Webhooks or well-known systems like Zendesk or JIRA.)

Report Issues with All Kinds of Equipment

Room Resource Examples

iPad or Android tablet
Television or Apple TV
Apple display or PC display
Tables chairs, other furniture
Adaptors and chargers

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