Rethinking Your Lobby
With iOffice and Teem

  • Getting Started With LobbyConnect by Teem

    Your lobby is the public face of your company. It’s the first thing that visitors see when they arrive for a job interview or business meeting. So it needs to make a good impression.

    The way your lobby is managed is also a huge factor in the safety, security and productivity of employees. That’s a lot of pressure to put on your front desk staff. But it doesn’t have to be on their shoulders alone.

    Teem's visitor management software, called LobbyConnect, can help. It runs on iPads and provides a secure, web-based interface that simplifies the check-in process for visitors. And because we’re part of the iOffice Marketplace program, you can rest assured that LobbyConnect will tie in neatly with your existing workplace management systems.

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Streamline Your Office With LobbyConnect

  • Sends SMS, email or chat notifications to the person your visitor is here to see
  • Require guests to sign NDAs or other contracts during check-in, get rid of paper files
  • Empower visitors to create and print their own photo ID badges
  • Customize your LobbyConnect display’s welcome screen
  • If someone checking in via LobbyConnect is a match with your pre-arranged list of contacts, get an email alert
  • Pass LobbyConnect visitor check-in info to iOffice via to be stored as a new visitor


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