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Better Workplace Experiences

What happens when you combine room booking tools and Insights from Teem with the Current, powered by GE, Intelligent Environment solution? You get more efficient and productive workplace collaboration.

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Simplify the Meeting Space Workflow

Efficiency and Collaboration

Sensors monitor real-time occupancy to create more responsive, connected, and intelligent workspaces. These workspaces then empower employees to seamlessly interact with the meeting spaces in their offices.

Increase Space Utilization

Sensor-enabled cancellation and early release, coupled with ghost and zombie meeting hunter from Teem, ensure higher utilization of meeting rooms and the efficient use of precious real estate.

Drive Better Decision-Making

Occupancy data — when combined with reservation data — provides unique insights into meeting room usage. Insights from Teem drive better office design and fact-based CRE allocation decisions.

No Adoption Needed

With sensors, employees don’t need to manually check in, cancel, or update changes to their reservations on a calendar or EventBoard room display. Not only does this give employees the ability to focus on the actual work at hand, but it ensures your company is gathering the data that fuels Insights.

Insights = Better Decisions

Data gathered via sensors fuels Insights from Teem. This actionable data regarding conference rooms and huddle spaces helps IT, Facilities, and Real Estate track meeting trends and true utilization of huddle and meeting spaces. Organization-specific recommendations enable even better decision-making.

Open Sensors and Controls Ecosystem

Leveraging the open Zigbee standard, Current offers its own portfolio of sensors or empowers customers to choose one from its vast partner ecosystem. This provides greater flexibility, choice, speed, and lower project costs to businesses.

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Ready to significantly enhance the efficient use of meeting rooms and improve the return on these valuable real estate resources? Get in touch with us and we’ll discover how to transform your organization’s meeting experience.

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