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Smarter, More-Informed Tech Decisions

There are dozens of factors that go into deciding what tech is best for your company’s conference rooms, from the executive team’s preferences to end user feedback, from budget considerations to how much hassle it’ll be to maintain a particular solution.

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How Do You Know What You Need?

Some rooms need dedicated video conferencing systems, other might just need a phone. Rooms used regularly for brainstorming would benefit from digital whiteboards, whereas spaces reserved primarily for quick stand-up meetings may need very little in the way of tech.

Is your conference room tech really working for users? Or is it more like this:


Knowing how well your existing conference room equipment is working for users can be somewhat of a black box. For every person who emails IT or puts in a help ticket for meeting-room-related requests, who knows how many others have run into problems but didn’t say anything?


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Find out What's Broken, as Soon as It's Broken

Teem can help you better understand how your company uses its meeting room technology. For one thing, our conference room displays make it super easy for end users to report it when something within the room isn’t working. All they have to do is tap the screen, choose the type of equipment that’s having problems, and submit. That information gets sent to IT or facilities, however you have it set up in your Teem dashboard, so that the problem can be fixed quickly. We call it our Work Requests feature. (Psst: It even integrates with JIRA.)

The Data You Need to Decide

Work Requests are great because they enable you to keep conference room tech in good repair. (And cut down on those last-minute, panicked calls for help.) On top of that, Work Request information feeds into Teem’s Insights: workplace analytics and reports that reveal how your office meets. Teem Insights provide the answers to all sorts of questions, including which tech causes end users the most frustration, and what equipment is installed in the meeting rooms that get the most use. Ready to see how it works?

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