If You’re Making Facilities Decisions Without Enough Data, You’re Basically Guessing

Do you ever feel like you’re playing roulette when making decisions about how to allocate workspace? How do you really know what your coworkers need to be at their most efficient? On one hand, you’ve got anecdotal input from when people stop you in the hall or send one-off emails with their thoughts. On the other hand, you have certain metrics made available by your workplace management system – but they might not tell the whole story.

When you don’t have enough data about how employees use their workspaces, this is what happens:


Why do people reserve a huge conference room for a meeting with just a few attendees? Especially when there’s a smaller meeting space just down the hall that’s also available for the same time, but it stays empty, gathering dust and cobwebs.

It all comes down to having the right tools. If one of the meeting attendees needs to call in or use videoconferencing to share their screen with their colleagues, then they need a space with the right tech for that. And if that tech happens to be in the big executive boardroom, so be it – even if it means there are just two people using a space meant for 20.

Find out What’s Really Happening in Meeting Rooms


Many companies make the mistake of thinking that just because they’ve made a conference room available to their employees, it’ll get enough use to justify taking up that valuable square footage. After all, they’ve been asking for more meeting space, right?

But what Teem customers often find when they dig into our proprietary workplace metrics, which are fueled by data generated by our conference room displays and other room scheduling tools, is that employees often don’t use the spaces as expected.

Maybe it’s because one room has better tech. Or maybe it’s because the chairs in one room are horribly uncomfortable.

Get Real-Time Answers to Your Space Utilization Questions

End the guesswork with workplace analytics based on your employees’ interactions with our tools. Teem surfaces data like meeting room utilization, meeting cancellations, and number of meeting attendees for you as graphs and charts.

“Teem’s quantifiable data, analytics and reports provide important insights into how employees are utilizing space and offers recommendations to improve the how, where, when and what is needed for a successful meeting. By being able to look into when, how often and by whom rooms are used, I’ve been able to save the company resources, man hours and most importantly, money.”
– Carlos Perez, Facilities Manager at Optimizely

The Power to Create the Modern Workplace Through Data

The modern workplace is constantly changing. To keep up, it helps to make use of all the data available. Want to learn how to increase productivity through data? Check out this exclusive Frost & Sullivan white paper, The Frictionless Office Meets the Internet of Things.