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Teem Channel Partners

Creating Better Digital Workplaces

  • If your customers want a more productive and happier office environment, we can help you provide them with the perfect solution. Teem channel partners are joining us every day in creating a better digital workplace for innovative companies all over the world.

Hardware Vendor

Hardware Vendor

We don't have to tell you that irresistible software boosts hardware sales. Teem is the perfect complement to vendors that specialize in iPad and Android enclosures and mounts.

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If you’re in the business of offering complete solutions to your enterprise customers, don’t neglect their meeting scheduling, lobby and conference room management needs.

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Systems Integrator

Systems Integrator

Client projects that include conference rooms and lobbies offer specific challenges for IT providers and A/V integrators. Turn those challenges into opportunities by offering Teem as part of the complete solution.

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Apply for Our Partner Program

If you want to bring your customers something that will make them stand out, we are that solution. We differentiate ourselves by offering a platform that provides a variety of meeting management and conference room booking tools, plus workplace analytics that help businesses improve how their people, places and technology work together. Teem works on different operating systems and integrates with other solutions ranging from Microsoft Exchange to Slack.

This is not your normal channel partner program. Like our platform, this program has been performance tuned to help you help your customers, help you sell and make you money.

Below is a list of cool benefits to consider:

  • Highly competitive margins and an easy-to-understand revenue model
  • Demo licenses available to enable your sales team and impress your clients.  Contact your Teem sales associate for details
  • Dedicated sales support – this isn’t some generic hotline, these are our super-star account reps ready to help your clients
  • Certified partner logos to build clients’ trust in you as an Teem partner
  • Deal registration – quick, easy approval and exclusive support
  • Teem demos, upon request, to seal the deal with your customer
  • Get advance notice for new feature releases

This is an ACTIVE partner program. Teem is committed to your success. You are sure to love it. Apply below to get started.

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