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Teem Pricing

Find the plan with the perfect mix of meeting tool features and workplace analytics to improve how your company’s people, places and technology work together.

Teem Rooms

$150Per Room/Year

Manage meeting room supply & demand with tools that help employees find the right space quickly & easily.

  • Calendar Integrations
  • Real-Time Syncing
  • Check-in
  • Standard Themes
  • Flightboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Desktop Booking
  • Mobile App (iOS)
  • Outlook Plugin
  • Google Extension
  • Public API
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Teem Rooms

$250Per Room/Year

Support ad hoc collaboration, gather information to manage your spaces better, & customize your displays.

  • All Basic Features Plus:
  • Ad Hoc Booking
  • Book from Displays
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Work Requests
    (Jira, BMC and iOffice integration to help)
  • Custom Background Images
  • Manage by Floor, Building & Campus
  • Data Download
  • Desk Booking Available
    (add-on item)
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Teem Rooms

$450Per Room/year

Integrate smart workplace tech, fully customize displays & get insights to measure ROI & make informed decisions.

  • All Pro Features Plus:
  • Eliminate Zombie Meetings
  • Video Themes
  • Custom Designed Themes
    (add-on item)
  • Room Mapping
    (add-on item)
  • Book from Map
  • Flightboard Plus
  • Voice Integration
    Alexa for Business
  • Sensor Integrations
    GE, Enlighted, Crestron
  • Zapier Integration
  • Google SSO Login
  • Office 365 SSO Login
  • AD Sync
  • SAML Login
    Okta, OneLogin
  • Premium Data Download
  • Workplace Insights
  • Pre-Meeting Services
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$1,000Per Lobby/year

Save time, improve security & ensure a smooth visitor experience with our iPad receptionist software.

  • Visitor Types
  • Custom NDAs
  • Background Images
  • Company Logo
  • SMS and Email Notifications
  • Chat Plugins
    Slack and HipChat
  • Storage Plugins
    Box and Dropbox
  • ClearPass Ingration
  • iOffice Plugin
  • Badge Printing
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Almost Too Many Features to List

You see that list of features above? Well, that’s the abbreviated version! To see a full list of features, hit the Compare All button below.

Compare All Features
pricing check mark Rooms Basic Rooms Professional Rooms Enterprise Teem Lobbies

Pricing (billed annually)

$150 per Room/year $250 per Room/year $450 per Room/year $1,000 per Lobby/year
Teem Rooms

Works Natively on Tablet Devices & Crestron Hardware*

The Teem Rooms app works on iPad and Samsung tablets.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Integration with Calendaring Apps

Book rooms directly from your calendaring platform through easy integration with Google Apps, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and others.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Real-Time Room Scheduling

Room displays are updated in real-time, showing meeting details and calendar changes the minute they happen. Walk up and know instantly if the room is available or if you're in the right place.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Optionally Require Check-Ins For Room

Stop wasting space with no-show meetings by requiring an attendee to check in to the meeting as it starts. If no one checks in, the room reservation is canceled.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Room Availability at a Glance for Entire Floor or Building

Teem Area Displays show real-time availability status for the meeting rooms on your particular floor, building or campus, either on a centrally located monitor or in your web browser.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Room Resource Information

Set up room details to show available resources: Apple TV, Chromecast or iPad, for example.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Book Ad-Hoc Meetings

Need to walk up and use the room? Book additional meetings right from the display.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Book Meetings In Any Room From Any Display

Need to book a meeting in a different room? Use any display to check availablity and book other rooms in your organization.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Broadcast Special Announcements on the Display

Like an internal broadcast system, the Broadcasts feature lets you change some or all room displays to show a message or image from your management dashboard. Tell everyone that a company meeting is starting, announce an event, or broadcast an emergency message.
Apple Logo Apple-Only
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Submit Requests About Room Tech or Equipment to the Right Department

Missing adaptor or broken chair? The Work Requests feature acts like a ticket system to easily submit a repair request to IT or facilities.
Check Mark Icon

Eliminate Zombie Meetings

When recurring meetings that no one attends still show up on room displays, it wastes space. Remove room reservations from these zombie meetings.
Check Mark Icon

Mapping and Book by Map

See which nearby rooms are available with a quick glance at an interactive map. Tapping on a space brings up the schedule for that meeting room and its resources.
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User-Friendly Room Display Themes

Choose From a Selection of Standard Themes

Choose from a dozen standard themes, created by our design team to be user-friendly, clean and modern.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Change Background Images Whenever You Want

With custom image themes, you can easily swap out the background image for individual room displays, as often as you want.
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Get Fully Customized Themes To Match Your Brand Or Add Video

Our professional design team will build a completely customized theme that's unique to your company.
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Meeting Booking Apps

Desktop Meeting Booking

Find and book meeting rooms via your web browser. Search by real-time availability, room capacity or resources.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Teem Mobile App - iOS & Android

Find and book Teem meeting Rooms via your mobile device. View real-time availability, room capacity or resources.
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Dashboard Management and Reporting

Configure and Manage Teem Displays From A Central Dashboard

Configure and manage Teem Room, Lobby and Area displays at any location from a central dashboard.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Manage at Device, Room, Building and Campus Level

Manage and organize all your room resources by device, room, building or campus Level. Flexible for any size organization, no matter how complex.
Rooms Rooms, Floors, Buildings & Campuses Rooms, Floors, Buildings & Campuses Rooms, Floors, Buildings & Campuses
User Permissions and Management

Google SSO Login

Tie Teem user management to your organization’s Google Apps directory of contacts and email addresses. No more updating users in two places.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Office 365 SSO Login

Authorize Teem end users through your company's Office 365 account, eliminating the need to manage users on a one-by-one basis.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

SAML Login (Okta, OneLogin, etc)

Allow Teem users to sign in using a SAML identity provider.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon
Reporting and Workplace Insights

See How Often Rooms Are in Use

Reports show which rooms get the most utilization to help understand equipment use and space planning.
Utilization Only Unlimited Data

See When and Where Meetings Are Happening

Identify the most popular days and times for meeting room usage.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Uncover No-Show Meeting Behavior

Track how many meetings get scheduled but never happen, which cuts into valuable collaboration time and wastes expensive room resources.
Check Mark Icon

Find out Which Meetings Are Repeatedly Missed

See which room reservations are “zombies,” i.e. recurring meetings no one has been attending.
Check Mark Icon

Optimize Your Space for Cost Savings

See metrics that show when space is underutilized and can be scaled back or repurposed into more productive space.
Check Mark Icon

Anticipate When You Need to Expand

Track and report on overall utilization so you know when conference room availability is affecting collaboration and productivity.
Check Mark Icon

Determine What Meeting Technology Is Having Problems

See which meeting room tech and equipment types are causing problems for employees.
Check Mark Icon

Track Recapture Rates

Using Teem Room's (EventBoard) check-in feature, see how utilization can be recaptured after zombie and ghost meetings are canceled.
Check Mark Icon

Teem Lobby Analytics

w/ Teem Ent. Check Mark Icon

Unlimited Email Support

Our support team will help speedily resolve whatever issues you may have through our email support system.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Instant Device Downtime Alerts

If any device loses power or connectivity, you can be instantly notified by SMS or email to eliminate any impact on worker productivity.
Check Mark Icon

Ingestion and Updates for Maps

Teem will create maps from your floorplans and update them when you make changes.
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Security and Peace of Mind

Better Password Security with Two-Factor Authentication

Passwords aren't always enough; two-factor authentication provides an extra level of security that should be standard for any organization.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

See Who Changed Settings

Need to know which users have logged in or changed settings? The Activity Stream feature allows you to see who accessed the system and when.
Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon

Custom Password Security Rules

Security is a top concern for all enterprises. Our advanced password system allows a vast amount of customized rules to protect your passwords.
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Teem Rooms Basic Teem Rooms Professional Teem Rooms Enterprise Teem Lobbies
Teem Lobbies (LobbyConnect)

Pricing (billed annually)

$999 Annually
Teem Lobbies (LobbyConnect)

Native App for iPads

Teem Lobbies (LobbyConnect) is currently offered only for iOS.
Check Mark Icon

Visitor Logs

View or download visitor logs detailing who came to your office and when.
Check Mark Icon

SMS and Email Notifications

Never again wonder if your visitor has arrived yet. Get notified by SMS or email as soon as your visitor checks in.
Check Mark Icon

Chat Notifications

Integrate with third-party programs like Slack and HipChat to be notified by chat when visitors arrive.
Check Mark Icon

Visitor Badge Printing

When connected to a badge printer, visitors can print out their own custom badges.
Check Mark Icon

Visitor Type Selection

Are your visitors vendors, partners or jealous rivals? Keep track of what type of visitors come to your office.
Check Mark Icon

Compliance and Security

Verify visitor identity during check in, receive alerts if people on a pre-arranged list check in and use webhooks to export Teem Lobbies data for use with other security platforms.
Check Mark Icon

Manage Visitor Documents

Store signed NDAs and other contracts in Teem Lobbies or use integrations to copy them to Box or Dropbox.
Check Mark Icon
Professional Services

Teem Rooms Basic Teem Rooms Professional Teem Rooms Enterprise Teem Lobbies

Calendar Setup and Customization

Have us integrate your calendaring system for you. We've helped thousands of businesses get up and running with their systems in as little as a few hours.
$200 $750 $1,500 $1,500

Custom Designed Themes

Need additional custom themes designed to match a certain floor or location? Our staff can quickly design a theme to fit your needs.

Create Your Own Theme Design

Have designers on your team? Let them design a theme and we'll implement it.

Onsite Implementation

It's pretty easy to set up, but we know your time is valuable. We'd be happy to come out and get you up and running.
Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

Basic Dashboard Training

We'll provide a hands-on rundown of the basic reporting features available in the admin dashboard, using your real-time data for the walk-through.
$250 $250 $250

Advanced Dashboard Training

Get the most out of our powerful admin dashboard with hands-on training. We'll cover items like how to manage devices and users, and review reporting options.
$500 $500 $500

Looking for tablet, mount or enclosure suggestions?

Additional Product Pricing


$80per Desk/year

Support visiting employees, consultants and activity-based work with searchable, bookable desks.

Note: Teem Desk Licenes can only be purchased as an additional item to a Teem Rooms Professional or Enterprise license.

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Teem Room Display Custom Themes

CustomContact for Pricing

Reflect your brand and culture with customized room display themes. Our professional design team will build unique, completely customized themes, including video.

Note: Custom Teem Room Display Themes can only be purchased as an additional item to a Teem Rooms Enterprise license.

Learn More
Maps Add-On

CustomContact for Pricing

Add visibility and contribute to a modern, interactive feeling office with Teem Maps. Our professional design team will create custom maps that show your office layout, meeting spaces, and annotations for things like bathrooms, stairwells, and more.

Note: Custom Teem Maps can only be purchased as an additional item to a Teem Rooms Enterprise license.

Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be billed for these plans?

All Teem plans are billed annually. We’ve found that annual plans allow our clients to budget better and to focus on the long-term benefits that Teem brings to offices when fully adopted through an organization. Annual plans have helped our clients be successful, and we want you to have success.

If you find it more convenient to pay for multiple years up front, that’s an option. We are very flexible with payments and can discuss multiple year options with you. If you are interested in this, send us an email at sales@teem.com.

What payment methods can I use?

Typically, a credit card is the easiest way to set up billing for Teem. However, we know that some companies would prefer using purchase orders and invoicing. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of your business, so you can focus on what’s important: actually running your business. If you would like to discuss other options besides credit card payments, please email us at sales@teem.com

Can multiple displays share a single room’s calendar?

Yes, you can have a single room calendar shown on multiple EventBoard room displays. We’ve seen multiple displays used on separate entrances to large conference rooms. Or in some offices, additional displays are placed inside the room where meeting attendees can see them, to help keep meetings on track.

Does the subscription come with hardware?

No, Teem plans come with the app software, the platform and support to own and manage your hardware.

I need to buy hardware. Where can I get it?

While our plans don’t come with hardware, we have partnered with several great hardware providers to provide you with tablets, mounts, power and more. Check out our Recommended Hardware page for suggestions.

Do I need to buy additional services?

No, but most of our customers have found significant benefit from getting assistance and training on making the most of the platform.

How do I install the Teem software?

The Teem platform includes several apps and a comprehensive admin dashboard including in-depth workplace analytics. To get started, you’ll need to set up a Teem account. Then, download the appropriate app (EventBoard for conference rooms, LobbyConnect for visitor management) to an iPad or Android tablet. The last step is to connect your Teem account to the devices to which you’ve downloaded the apps. Our extensive knowledge base and experts are available to help.

How do I install the displays?

Mounting your displays in your lobby or conference rooms will take a small amount of work from facilities to run power to the area and mount the displays. Our support team is available to walk you through any questions you may have on the hardware installation.

You Should See It in Action

Find out why successful companies like Airbnb, MGM Grand, Mozilla and Slack are using Teem’s meeting tools and workplace analytics to improve how their people, places and technology work together.