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Release Notes


Visit the release notes page periodically so you are always aware of what’s new with teem!
It’s also the place to learn about the latest releases, fixes, and updates.



Release Update – October 22, 2019



  • Guests: Removing one of the preregistered guests/visitors will no longer remove teem visitor’s pre-registered email
  • Deleting a pre-registered visitor in the DOM clears them from the plugin
The “Guest” tab in the plugin will now show a counter if an external guest is already pre-registered on the Visitors tab.




Release Update – October 16, 2019



Finder is now generally available! With Finder, you can:
  • Use digital signage to display a floor in map* or list view
  • See room availability from a digital signage display
  • Book rooms* from Finder Map view
  • Search* for desks, room, and people
  • Change* floor views from a single map view
To learn more, visit our help site! >>https://www.teem.com/support/70536-finder
*Enterprise subscription only




Release Update – October 9, 2019



(Limited Availability Release)
For customers using Finder with Maps; we improved the speed and performance of the map renderer by 400%! The map now rendered at 40 frames per second when being interacted with.




Release Update – October 8, 2019



  • On new installs of the Chrome Extension, an on-boarding light page will launch with helpful info
  • It is now possible to log out of the O365 add-in
  • Chrome dropdown no longer flashes the sign-in screen after 20 minutes of inactivity
  • The Spanish language no longer causes an error in O365
  • Fixed bugs with meeting service interactions
  • Resolved issue with 500 errors causing the user to become unauthenticated
  • Location dropdowns no longer require interaction to be able to apply
  • Responded to a change in the GCal DOM that caused spaces to not be added to an event
  • Users are notified of Guest Pre-registration when an out of org participant is added to an event
  • Improved security of Chrome extension




Release Update – October 7, 2019



(Limited Availability Release)
We enhanced the Finder map search UI. Not only is it easy searching for people, rooms, and desks; the updated design makes the experience nicer!
  • Label logic has been updated
  • Red and Yellow have been removed from the display. We replaced with the colors with an accessibility view for unavailable rooms (grey hatch)
  • Desks are not filled in to provide a cleaner feel of the floor plan.
  • Unlicensed desks will be displayed in grey
  • We updated some Finder icons to fit the new UI




Release Update – October 3, 2019



We made a few enhancements around the ending events early. These updates are only applicable if you have “Allow End Events Early” enabled in Manage > EventBoard > Ending Events.

  • Notifications will no longer be sent to all attendees if an event is ended early.

  • If an event is occurring in multiple rooms, ending early in one room will no longer release all rooms from booking.

  • Teem data will separately track rooms that are released based on an event ending early (reflected in a person’s calendar)




Release Update – October 1, 2019


  • On certain scenarios when checking in a room, the “dismiss” option may not work properly. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where the “check-in” button is not auto-dismissing after completing a check-in.

  • Changes to the meeting title in calendars will now update the title in the room check-in display.




Release Update – September 23, 2019



(Beta Customers Only)
You can now add custom fields when setting up visitor types. The new custom fields can be used to ask your visitors for additional information that is not available by default.

If you are interested in joining the beta testing group, contact our support team to place your request.




Release Update – September 16, 2019


  • Add floor, desk, and room count to searchable dropdown component
  • Event tracking for Chrome dropdown
  • We improved error handling (always a good thing!)
  • We improve the authorization flow. This means fewer logs out from the Chrome plugin! If signing on from the Chrome plugin, the browser will open a new tab.
  • Improved content security practices (also a good thing!)
  • Resolved a breaking user flow in Chrome and Outlook that resulted in no results after toggling the auto-capacity feature.




Release Update – September 9, 2019



  • (Limited Availability Release) 
    Switch floors views using the Finder interactive map. You no longer need to physically move to a different floor to find a floor specific Finder map.




Release Update – August 21, 2019



  • The app.teem.com UI has been refreshed to match the WeWork brand. The styles may have changed but the content remains the same. The other changes are:
    • Employee Tools is now called Booking Tools in the menu tray.


    • Moved the User Profile option to the upper right corner.




Release Update – March 8, 2019



  • Chrome users can now stay logged into the teem plugin by automatically retrying network requests if a connection fails.



  • Fixed a privacy setting bug. If a room has event attributes hidden, we will respect that in the room detail view.




Release Update – February 1, 2019



  • Remove added rooms when running the O365 plugin on desktop Outlook.
  • O365 plugin in desktop Outlook clients added to event. When reopening a saved event, the plugin will display resources that are added to the event under the ‘Added to Event’ list.



  • “My Office” bug fix. In previous versions, changing the “My Office” location would not save for users without previous plugin settings saved. This has been fixed.
  • If a floor was collapsed and the time of the meeting was changed, the floor would vanish. This has been fixed.
  • Chrome Extension Dropdown incorrect room name was being added to the resource field. This has been fixed.
  • Occasionally, users were unable to close the event details page after adding a room to an event using the Chrome Extension. This has been fixed.
  • Search results not showing on repeat filters. If the user applied the same filters multiple times, it would display no results found. This has been fixed.




Release Update – December 7, 2018



  • Teem Workplace Insights
    • Refresh and redesign of 3 reports:
      1. What is your average meeting size?
      2. What is your typical meeting length?
      3. Zombie Action Log
    • Click here to see more information about the Teem Workplace Insights improvements.



  • Teem App for Mobile – “Teem – Collaborate & Connect”
    • Bug fix regarding filtering Nearby spaces




Release Update – November 30, 2018



  • Teem App for Mobile
    • The new and improved mobile app, dubbed “Teem – Collaborate & Connect,” is now ready for download. The new app makes Check-in even easier (automatic, even!) and offers smarter ways to find spaces to book. Learn more about it here or get the app:
    • Apple Store
    • Google Play Store



  • Some bug fixes were issued related to loading and authorization.