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Meeting Management Tools

Bring Your Office Together

Meeting Tools and Room Scheduling for Employees

Discover how to meet smarter.

Keep meetings on track, end the conflict over who gets which conference room, and stop pointing fingers about why the technology in the room is broken or missing. Teem’s meeting tools can help you do all of those things, and make it easier to give visitors a warm welcome.

Conference Room Displays for iPad, Android, or Crestron

Wall-mounted iPads, Android, or Crestron hardware are a convenient and sleek way to display meeting information outside individual conference rooms. See upcoming meeting details, like the event name and scheduled run time. Delete or add meetings right from the display. There’s even a room release function that automatically cancels meetings if no one checks in for them.

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Calendar Integrations

Teem makes it convenient to book meetings and reserve rooms because you don’t have to switch calendar systems to use it. Our platform sits on top of popular calendaring options and integrates with Office 365/Outlook, Google Apps and Exchange, so you can send out meeting invites and book conference rooms all in one spot.


All-in-One Conference Room Scheduling and Desk Reservations

Included with Teem is a browser-based meeting room booking tool that gives you all the functionality of the Teem app. You can find and reserve a meeting room for a particular time and location. Make sure that the meeting room you book has the tool you need with enough room for everyone. Why two ways to do it? We know that when you’re working away on your desktop, you don’t want to pull out your phone just to book a meeting. Also, easily book and reserve desks with Teem’s browser-based booking software, if your office features flexible seating arrangements or desk hoteling.

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See which nearby rooms are available with just a quick glance at an interactive map. Tapping on a space brings up the schedule for that meeting room and its technological and physical resources: things like the number of people the room seats, whether there’s videoconferencing or phone equipment, or if there’s a whiteboard.


Teem Mobile App

With our mobile app, you can quickly find and book a meeting room or desk with the capacity and equipment you need – even when you’re nowhere near an EventBoard display – with just a few taps on your phone or tablet. Additional features include the ability to book by beacon or get turn-by-turn directions to your next meeting.

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Custom Conference Room Displays

EventBoard room display themes offer a clean interface that makes it easy to do what you’re at the display to do, whether it’s reserving a room or reporting an issue with the room’s equipment. On top of being easy to use, display themes are fully customizable, so your company can showcase its style and culture by giving each room a unique name and look.

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Visitor Management System

Get notified by text, email or chat when your visitors arrive for meetings. Our visitor registration tool, LobbyConnect, lets guests use an iPad kiosk to check in and sign any relevant forms like NDAs, then lets you know that they’ve arrived. Plus, the smooth check-in process makes for a great first impression.

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Inspired by airport flight status monitors, Flightboard shows a list of real-time statuses for the meeting rooms on your particular floor, building or campus. Pull it up in your browser, or share it to a TV monitor in a central location so everyone can see which rooms are available. Room names and statuses show up as a list, or if your company uses our Maps feature, you can view room availability in Flightboard’s Maps mode.

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Work Requests

We’ve all been there. Something in the meeting room didn’t work during your presentation – maybe the TV screen or your videoconferencing service. With our Work Request feature, you can report those issues right away from the EventBoard display, so IT or facilities knows what’s on the fritz. You can even report problems with other equipment, like whiteboards or chairs. Things don’t get fixed if no one knows they’re broken.

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Beacons and Sensors

When it comes to improving workplace experience, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers an exciting array of possibilities for enterprise businesses. Check out our integrations and partners below to learn more about our frictionless hardware alternatives.

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Easily Add Rooms and Resources to Meeting in Outlook

With the Teem Outlook Add-In you can now book rooms based on location, room availability, capacity and conference room resources. And the experience lives right within you Outlook calendar.

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Tech Spec

Event Check-In Icon

Event Check-In

This conference room display setting cancels reserved meetings if no one checks in within a designated time frame so that others can utilize the space.

Broadcasts for Room Displays Icon

Broadcasts for Room Displays

Broadcasts allow the account administrator to choose to display a specific message on a device’s screen, like a personalized message to welcome visitors or celebrate a company milestone.

End Events Early Icon

End Events Early

If your meeting ends early, use the room display to end your reservation early. That frees up the room for your coworkers to use for their last-minute meetings.

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