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Teem Flightboard

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Save Time with Visibility at a Glance

Inspired by airport flight status monitors, Teem Flightboard shows an organization’s real-time status for shared spaces such as meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and more. Display Teem Flightboard on a monitor in a central location where employees can view the status of available and busy spaces in list or map view. This adds convenience and saves employees time by making available spaces easily visible.

Make Collaborative Spaces More Visible

Teem Flightboard makes the availability of spaces more visible. Huddle spaces are flexible-use spaces intended for impromptu collaboration. These types of spaces are also referred to as team areas, ancillary spaces, or collaborative zones and typically can’t be reserved in advance, making their availability status virtually invisible to employees.

Without Teem Flightboard, employees have to roam the office looking for an open huddle space, interrupting their collaborative flow. With Teem Flightboard, finding an available space only takes a few seconds.

Rescue Lost Time and Space

Through the Teem Sensor Integration, sensors detect when a space is occupied and communicate that information to Teem. If a meeting ends early or goes unattended, Teem can release the reserved space to be used by others by making it available on calendars, Flightboard, and other Teem tools. This allows others to use spaces that would have sat emptywe call this “recapturing time.”

Bonus: Teem Workplace Insights provide a specific report on an organization’s recapture rate and how efficiently space is being utilized. This report also includes suggestions on how to optimize your use of space based on your utilization data and recapture rate.

Designed for Large Scale Deployment

Teem has enhanced Flightboard for simpler management and deployment of multiple Flightboard views to create a consistent experience across an organization, no matter the size. This added functionality allows Flightboard views to be created and managed with unique URLs that can be remotely deployed around the globe with no re-authentication required.*

* Available in the Teem Enterprise package.

Map View and List View

A Teem Flightboard view can be displayed in two ways: map or list view. Map view displays locations through a map with rotate, pan, and zoom options to personalize it for viewers. List view displays locations through a list for quick referencing. Teem admins can change a Flightboard view from map to list view at any time, depending on their needs and preferences.

Get the most out of Teem Flightboard by displaying it in high-traffic areas, like near elevators or hallways. You can even use two simple monitors or split the screen to show each view, so employees can see a map and list of open and in-use spaces at the same time.

Get Visibility into Space Availability

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