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Meeting Room Wayfinding Maps

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  • Intelligent Maps to Find and Book the Right Meeting Room

    When it comes to scheduling conference rooms, finding a room that’s available is only piece of the equation. Being able to quickly see where meeting rooms are located and quickly book with the simple touch is vital for employees—especially as workforces continues to grow. Maps by Teem turns a floor plan into an interactive experience that makes it easy for everybody to locate and book any room.

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Maps is accessed through Eventboard displays and Flightboard:

-Interactive floor plans zoom, rotate and update in real-time with a company's calendars.
-Maps also helps see the status of each conference room to know if it’s available or booked.
-Find and book any room based on availability, size and available tech.
-With an ever-growing and changing business, Maps helps new and remote employees see the office layout and quickly find their way to the correct meeting space.

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Interactive Floor Plans for Any Office

Maps creates an interactive floor plan that users can zoom in or rotate to see the office and its conference room layout. Easily understand where a conference room is located, its size and available tools (tv, whiteboard, AppleTV, etc.), see its schedule and book it with Maps. Once found, book the right room, with the right resources, right then and there.

Make Everyone an Office Pro with Maps

In today’s business environment, things are constantly in a state of flux. Make sure your new employees and visitors are comfortable on day one. Nothing is worse than awkwardly looking around an office for the room where you’re supposed to be, or trying to find a room to meet in, so give them them Maps to take the awkwardness away. Providing easy access to office layout maps from displays located outside of each room helps visitors and new employees alike understand where conference rooms are located so they aren’t left awkwardly wandering the office until they find the room and arrive late to the meeting. Visitors and employees now have better insight into office layouts which brings an efficiency to an ever-evolving workplace.

Conference Room Availability At-a-Glance

Maps provides real-time availability of an office’s meeting spaces. Red for taken, green for available, rooms are color-coded to represent whether they are open, booked or in use. Looking for space for a quick team huddle? No need to interrupt meetings to see when the rooms are free, just open Maps at the nearest room display to find and book any available room. Employees also have the ability to book any given conference room in advance from a display by viewing the room schedule with Maps. Looking for that conference room with the comfy chairs and an AppleTV™? See when it is available and snatch it up with Maps.

It Doesn’t End with Meeting Rooms

Not only do Teem’s Maps show your office layout and the available meeting rooms, we also annotate maps with things like drinking fountains, fire extinguishers, bathrooms, stairwells, and more. Making Teem Maps the one-stop-shop to get you where you need to go in the office.

Get Maps Today

Teem builds these maps for customers upon request. To get a custom built map, talk with a account executive to confirm your plan includes the Maps feature. Then submit floor plans for the floor, building or full campus you want mapped. Digital files are ideal. But if you submit a napkin drawing instead, you wont be the first.

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