Simple, Powerful Desk Hoteling Software

Hot Desking Solution for Today’s Workplace

Reservable desks solve for today’s ever-changing and fluid workspace.

In the modern workplace, 78% of companies allow their employees to work from home at least part of the time. Additionally, 27% of businesses are considering satellite and remote offices to reduce costs and attract talent. These changes in the workplace drive one of the hottest trends in workplace innovation — the notion of hoteling desks. A cousin to the old “Hot Desking” idea, hoteling desks are not first come first serve — they are organizable, bookable spaces.

  • Help Your Office Change Without Seams

    Hoteling desks give employees and visitors a place to work that will provide the most value for their current situation. Desks can be reserved remotely before arriving at the office, or you can keep some available within a department for use while collaborating on a project.

    Notable organizations like Ernst & Young, Boston Consulting Group, and Goldman Sachs are making significant investments in non-permanent workspace arrangements. In fact, companies of all shapes and sizes, in all industries, are looking at how they can capitalize on this new trend in workplace design.

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Remote Employees on Site<

Remote Employees on Site

When your remote employees need to visits an office or space to work together with a given team, desk hoteling allows you to organize your workspace to fit the needs of your employees.

Team-wide Project Based Seating<

Team-wide Project Based Seating

You can better organize your team based on project and personnel needs by easily changing seating arrangements. Now a product manager can prepare for a new feature while sitting next to marketing to facilitate training.

Visiting Teams and Consultants<

Visiting Teams and Consultants

When visiting sales teams, accounting groups, or consulting firms visit your office you can now assign them desks based on their needs as well as assign those that should be sitting next to them.

Activity Based Working<

Activity Based Working

Change up your office as often as your employee’s needs change. Need designated quiet areas or looking to create an area with standing desks? Desk hoteling helps you meet your employee’s productivity needs.

Teem’s Desk Hoteling Software


Teem makes hoteling desks not only possible but extremely efficient for any organization of any size. Whether you’re working to accommodate those remote workers or frequent travelers who are just in the office for a day every now and again, or you’re working toward activity-based clustering or neighborhoods, Teem desks offer a flexible and robust solution.

With Teem, you can reserve desks for 15 minutes up to a whole day. Desks also have amenities tied to them, just like rooms do, so users can find a desk with the tools they need to be productive.

From within the Teem mobile app or desktop booking tools, your employees can see available desks, then filter based on location, desk amenities, and duration of use. Then quickly book their desk for the desired time.

Plus, the Teem insights platform serves up powerful insights and reporting based on desk usage and utilization. So you can know just how many desks you need and how well your office is making use of these flexible spaces.

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