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Conference Room Scheduling
From Any Device – Anywhere, Anytime

Customers love Teem’s easy-to-use, customizable conference room scheduling displays. Employees can see at a glance when each room is booked, check in to pre-scheduled meetings, and reserve meeting rooms last-minute – all from a wall-mounted Android tablet or iPad.

But the displays are just one way that our room scheduling software and workplace experience platform make it easier for your employees to meet. We also offer several other conference room booking tools: a mobile app, a web-based booking option, or you can book rooms via shared company calendars that integrate with Teem.

Everybody works differently. Whichever conference room scheduling methods you prefer, we’re here for you.

Book Conference Rooms on the Fly with Teem, Our Meeting Scheduling App for Mobile

Meetings often happen spur of the moment. You’re brainstorming with Joe and realize you really need a whiteboard and less background noise. But which conference room is available? Which one has a whiteboard? With Teem’s mobile app, you can quickly find and book a meeting room with the capacity and equipment you need – even when you’re nowhere near a conference room scheduling display – with just a few taps on your phone or tablet. Additional Teem features include the ability to book by beacon or get turn-by-turn directions to your next meeting.

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Browser-Based, Desktop-Friendly Desk and Conference Room Booking Software

Yes, we’re all glued to our phones. But when you’re working on your desktop computer and you’re in the middle of your workflow – with all those applications and browser windows open – you probably don’t want to grab your phone and open an app to schedule a meeting. That’s why your Teem account includes a browser-based conference room scheduling tool that lets you do the same things you can do on the Teem mobile app: find and reserve a room for the time and location that you need it, with the right resources, like a phone or projector.

NEW FEATURE—Now your employees can use browser-based meeting booking software to reserve desks, as well as meeting rooms.

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Book Rooms Through Your Existing Calendar System

If your organization uses Google Calendar, Exchange or Office 365, your company’s room scheduling software account with Teem can be set up to work with those existing calendar systems. Then all you do is add the room when you’re setting up the new calendar event or appointment for your meeting. If your company’s shared calendar is integrated with Teem, then your new meeting details will show on the EventBoard display for the conference room you’ve booked, and the room will show as unavailable for that time on your company calendar.

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Sensor and Beacon Booking

Sensors and beacons make the modern workflow simple. These frictionless integrations monitor real-time occupancy to create more responsive, connected, and intelligent workspaces. Book rooms, check into meetings, end no-shows, and more, all without having to remember to push any buttons.

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