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Teem Sensor Integration

Expand Your Office’s Capabilities

Take Your Workplace to the Next Level

With the Teem Sensor Integration

This integration allows organizations to better support impromptu collaboration and highly varied collaborative activities by helping your workplace become more responsive, connected, and intelligent. The Teem sensor integration makes available spaces more visible and accessible for employees, while also providing IT, Facilities, and Real Estate teams with robust data that, when coupled with our booking info, provides insight into how spaces are really being used.

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How Teem Works with Sensors

Without interrupting an employee’s workflow, sensors will automatically

  • Book spaces as they become occupied.
  • Show the current status of open and in-use spaces on calendars and other Teem tools.
  • Remove meetings from the calendar that end early, freeing up meeting spaces so that they can be used by others.
  • Cancel no-show meetings if no one shows up to a scheduled event.
  • Integrate their data with Teem Insights to provide reports filled with actionable analytics on space utilization and meeting behavior.
  • Check people into meetings when they show up for their scheduled meetings.

See Huddle Space Availability

In recent years, workplaces have become more varied, with a significant rise in huddle spaces to support informal collaboration. Since these spaces are often not reservable, it can be difficult for employees to find huddle spaces that are not in use when they need one.

Sensors automatically book a meeting room or huddle space when it becomes occupied, and the space’s status is reflected on calendars, EventBoard, Flightboard, and Teem Maps. From these meeting tools, anyone can easily see what’s available and where. And by making huddle spaces and smaller gathering areas more visible for employees, the demand on larger, reservable meeting spaces decreases.

Improve Workplace Visibility with Sensors

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Teem Workplace Insights

Teem Insights, combined with sensors, help IT, Facilities, and Real Estate teams track meeting trends in your organization (typical meeting size, duration, etc.), the actual utilization of huddle and meeting spaces, and much more. This actionable data also includes recommendations specific to each organization on how to support more collaboration within your existing facilities or how to better plan for new facilities.

No Meeting Hassles

Employees don’t need to check in, cancel, or update changes to their reservations on a calendar or EventBoard room display. Sensors do it all for them! They can now focus on the tasks at hand without having to sweat the small stuff.

World-class Partners

We’re proud to work with two members of the Teem Partner Network, Enlighted, Current, powered by GE, and Crestron to bring the digital and physical workplaces together.


Whether it’s a conference room or huddle space, Teem and Enlighted transform any collaboration space into a place to meet. See what else you can do when you combine meeting room technology from Teem with sensors from Enlighted.

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Current, powered by GE

What happens when you combine room booking tools and Insights from Teem with the Current, powered by GE, Intelligent Environment solution? You get more efficient and productive workplace collaboration.

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he Teem + Crestron partnership brings you the best of both worlds: an enterprise-ready suite of AV hardware products integrated with an intuitive, market-leading SaaS platform offering consumer-like interactions.

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