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Visitor Management System

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    Save staff time, improve security, and ensure a smooth experience for visitors in your office with Teem Visitor Management. Our iPad receptionist software runs on iPads and provides a secure, web-based interface that simplifies the check-in process for visitors.

Teem Visitor Management

Visitor Management Software

Eliminate paper visitor logs while easily keeping track of who is visiting your office and when they are checking in. Teem Visitor Management also remembers everyone who checks in so returning visitors don't have to fill in all of their information every time they visit.

When a visitor arrives, Teem Visitor Management presents them with any relevant forms to sign (like NDAs) and notifies the person they are visiting of the guest’s arrival. Our visitor management system also allows for customized badge printing. And that's only the beginning. Check out everything else it does.

Don't Keep Guests Waiting

Teem Visitor Management sends SMS, email, or chat program notifications (Slack, HipChat) to the person your visitor is here to see – eliminating the need for a receptionist to track them down.

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Same Signatures, Less Paper

Need visitors to sign an NDA or other type of agreement? Visitor management software from Teem can display these contracts to guests and require their signature as part of the check-in process. And with our integrations, you can even arrange for signed guest contracts to be saved to Box or Dropbox. Get rid of paper files while still having convenient access to a list of visitors and their contracts.

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Make a Positive First Impression

Send the right message about your company starting with pre-registration. Hosts can pre-register guests and send email invites filled with everything they need to know about their upcoming visit to speed up the check-in process.

When guests arrive, they check in using the visitor management software on an iPad and hardware combination. Teem Visitor Management allows you to customize the welcome screen with photos of your office, your logos, or your city to make sure your brand takes center stage.

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Easy to Deploy and Manage

Teem Visitor Management is part of our platform, which means deploying and maintaining your devices is simple. A cloud-based dashboard allows you to easily configure and make changes to each display – regardless of where it’s located – by simply logging into your account.

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Keep Track of Visitors Without Paper Logs

Maintain records of who is visiting your office and when they are checking in, without the hassle of maintaining paper files for visitor logs. With Teem Visitor Management, visitor check-in records sync seamlessly to the cloud so your account users can view or download the data from any computer.

Know Why They’re Here

Set up different check-in requirements by visitor type, such as vendors, family, etc. Filter visitor records by type from the dashboard to find out which categories of traffic are heaviest.

A button lives on the home screen specifically for deliveries. This allows deliveries to skip the check-in process and immediately notify the right person of the arrival.


Supports Your Security Strategy

When it comes to securing your building, the lobby is the first line of defense. Our Visitor Watchlist feature helps you discreetly perform security checks. If anyone checking in via Teem Visitor Management software is a match with your pre-arranged list of contacts, an email alert goes to the address on file for this feature. Have your own security platform? Check out our Integrations page to learn about our webhooks.

Do More With Your Visitor Data

It’s your data, you should get the most out of it. With our webhooks, you can export unfiltered visitor data from Teem Visitor Management. Use it for feeding into your security platform or send it to reporting tools to help visualize your visitor data.

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Hassle-Free Guest ID

Empower visitors to create their own photo ID badges by connecting a wireless printer with Teem Visitor Management. Badge layouts – a collection of HTML, CSS, and Javascript – can be customized by your company’s web developer.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

With Teem Visitor Management, you’ll know who is in the building at any given time, in case of an emergency.

Simplify Contact Management

When a visitor signs in using Teem Visitor Management, they select the name of the person they’re visiting from your company’s list of employees, so the employee can be notified of their arrival. If you use Google SSO or Office 365 SSO, our integrations make it a snap to keep your list of contacts up to date.

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Purchasing Teem Visitor Management

Teem Visitor Management is the visitor tracking system portion of our cloud-based platform, which provides employee meeting tools and workplace analytics to improve how people, places, and technology work together. Manage all of your devices from one central Teem dashboard, regardless of whether they’re running Teem Visitor Management or Teem Room Display applications.

Make Life Better for Your Visitors and Employees

We give you a 15-day free trial period, so put it to the test in your office. Getting started is easy, so set up your free trial of Teem Visitor Management today!