5 Ways to NOT Mess Up Your Company All-Hands Meetings

Here are 5 tips and best practices from the trenches to help you nail your next company all-hands meeting tech.

Company All-Hands Meeting Tech Tips and Best Practices

All-hands meetings are great, unless you’re running the tech. Then they are a hot mess of stress and anxiety, take the stress out of managing your town-hall tech with these 5 tips.

Gathering the entire team is not only a stressful endeavor for those running the tech, but they are also costly, so it’s important to get them right. Make sure that the time is productive for everyone who attends.

Join Teem’s IT guru Kari Patterson in the next installment of the Teem webinar series as she share 5 tips and best practices for how to effectively manage your company meeting tech. From TVs and projectors to mics and audio, we’ll share some tips to help you get it right.

Who’s on the webinar?.
Kari Patterson, Teem IT Guru
Dallin Billings, Teem Demand Generation

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