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Desk Hoteling: What You Need to Know About This Growing Workplace Trend

Learn how to get the most out of your office by adding desk hoteling to your available spaces.

You’ve heard the term “desk hoteling,” but how much do you actually know about this shift in the workplace? Desk hoteling is changing the way companies can work. There’s a reason that companies on the cutting edge of innovation are using it for their teams.

On this webinar, we tackle these questions and more:

  • What’s the difference between desk hoteling and hot desking?
  • How can desk hoteling combat the challenges of open office environments?
  • How can it support work-from-home organizations?
  • How does Teem’s desk reservation feature make it easy for your team to get started?

And much more…

Join us as we unlock the need-to-know aspects of desk hoteling and how the all-new Teem desks solution supports organizations as they make a critical shift in how they work.

Recorded on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016.

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