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Teem, GE Current, and iOffice discuss what initiatives their companies were doing to pioneer this transformation, what things to consider when building out your workspace, and how data is being utilized and how it impacts the employees.

So one of the most pervasive things that’s industrial (even though we don’t always think of it that way) is buildings. If you think about most buildings, they’re fairly antiquated. We don’t pull information out of them and we don’t use that potential data to run whatever makes a building better.
John Gordon, Current (GE)
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What we’ve been able to see is actually a pretty fascinating data, not just about general meeting length but about meeting size, how many people and when they are actually meeting. If we can take that information and then leverage it to help drive that back to the individual company or location in your company, then we can say, here’s actually how your company operate.
Shaun Ritchie, Teem

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