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Plan a flexible & safe return to office with Teem

The Teem workplace app bundles room reservations, desk booking, and visitor management software that allows your team to recreate your workspace within your budget. 

Three return-to-office solutions. One all-inclusive price.

With the Teem bundle at their fingertips, employees will feel more at ease in their new environment. From the convenience and safety of their smartphone, they can find an available desk or room and reserve it right away. And with digital visitor logs, you can monitor and limit office capacity and track potential COVID-19 exposures.


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Enable Contact Tracing

Keep track of who is in the office for contact tracing purposes


Contact Tracing

You need a digital record of everyone who comes into your building for both health and security purposes. Our visitor management system makes it easy to pre-register guests or employees so you can limit capacity or stagger arrival times. And if you do have a potential COVID-19 exposure in the workplace, you’ll have workplace analytics to tell you who has been in the office so you can contact them.
Contact tracing dashboard
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Touchless Reservations

Enable safer, more flexible seating arrangements with our mobile app


Touchless Reservations

Your employees need to reserve space to work and meet at a moment’s notice, even if they’re away from the office. With the Teem Mobile App, they can book desks and reserve conference rooms from the comfort and ease of their smartphone. Reservations automatically sync across the Teem platform and the calendar apps you already use, eliminating any scheduling conflicts while providing analytics on where employees have been.
Touchless office space reservations
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Wellness Questionnaire

Gauge the health and wellbeing of your employees before they enter the office


Wellness Questionnaire

You need a simple, confidential way to conduct health screenings before employees or visitors enter your workplace. With Team's visitor management system, you can create a self-assessment that prompts them to answer basic questions as part of the check-in process. This helps keep your workforce safe while minimizing wait times in your lobby.
employee wellness questionnaire

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Teem's workplace solutions are easy to implement in minutes for companies of any size— no floor plans required. And they integrate easily with the technology your workforce already uses.

Our return-to-office technology package includes:

  • Visitor management
  • Desk booking
  • Conference room booking
  • Teem mobile app for touchless reservations
  • Integrations with calendaring apps
  • Unlimited chat and email support

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