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As an Insider, you have the power to influence the future of Teem by iOFFICE. By sharing your honest feedback, you help us continue to improve and help your peers determine if Teem by iOFFICE is right for their workplace.

Plus, we reward your contributions with awesome incentives, like:

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By joining our referral program, you can share your experiences with peers to help them on their journeys to create exceptional workplaces.

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Tell us a bit about the friend or colleague you’re referring, like their industry and current workplace experience challenges. The more you can tell us about them, the better we can prepare for when we connect with them. Let us know how to get in touch with them, and we’ll reach out to schedule a meeting.

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Who is an ideal prospective referral?

We help companies worldwide elevate their employee experience and optimize their workplace.

An ideal referral is anyone who could benefit from Teem’s workplace experience software.

Know someone in a similar role to yours? That’s a great place to start. They could be a former colleague, a contact you met at a conference, or someone else in your professional network.

What benefits am I eligible for as an Teem Insider?

As a Teem Insider, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for several reward options, including:

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • A Teem by iOFFICE premium swag package
  • The Hustle Backpack
  • RTIC Tumblers

How do I register a referral?

Fill out your contact information in the form above and select the “Refer a Friend” option to join. You’ll see a new set of fields where you can submit your referral’s contact information, and we’ll get in touch with them to schedule a demo of Teem by iOFFICE.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the contact form above and choose any Teem Insider option under “How can you help?” that you’re interested in earning points for!

Once you submit the form, you’ll receive more information in your inbox.

What are my points worth and how do I redeem them for rewards?

Earn points:

  • Provide a phone reference for a prospective customer: 10 points
  • Review us on Capterra or TrustRadius: 10 points
  • Provide a testimonial: 10 points
  • Participate in a case study: 20 points
  • Become a podcast or webinar guest: 20 points
  • Refer a new potential customer: Up to 200 points

When you’ve earned the point totals below, we’ll contact you to send you your reward, or you can designate a charity as your recipient:

  • $50 Amazon gift card: 40 points
  • Teem premium swag package: 100 points
  • RTIC Tumbler: 200 points
  • The Hustle Backpack: 300 points

My company policy doesn't allow me to accept gifts — can I still participate?

Absolutely! You can still join the program and earn rewards. When you fill out the registration form, simply select the “Please donate my rewards to charity instead of sending to me” option and designate a nonprofit organization to receive your gift(s).

Not sure who to choose? We recommend donating to the International Facility Management Association Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity that helps develop the FM workforce pipeline worldwide.