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Teem Platform Security

Protecting Your Data

  • Our Commitment to Security

    Security-conscious companies like SoftBank, Palantir and Mozilla trust us to protect their information because we’re serious about safeguarding our customers’ data. We’re committed to being on the forefront of security best practices and we constantly strive to improve the security of our platform.

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Client Controlled Security Features

Display Security

Read more about security options for the individual conference room displays, such as event-related privacy options and screen settings to prevent tampering with the device.

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User Permissions and Sign-On Options

The Teem admin dashboard allows you to control your data via detailed user permission settings, so you can limit access to the right people or groups. The Teem platform also supports Google Single Sign-On, multifactor authentication and SAML.

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Exchange Server Data Flow

The Teem servers ingest calendar data for display on the conference room iPads. We accept data from Google, Office 365 and most flavors of Exchange. You can choose between impersonation or delegate access for permissions for your Exchange integration.

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Teem’s Data Security Policies


All sensitive data is encrypted before transmission and while at rest.

Data Retained

Teem securely gathers information about calendars (unique identifier, color, name, access control status), events (unique ID, title, description, location, recurring, time/date visibility, all day) and attendees (name, email address).

AWS Cloud Security

All Teem production systems are hosted on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, designed to provide the highest availability while putting strong safeguards in place regarding customer privacy and segregation.

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Security Testing

To help ensure the safety of the data, regular security assessments are conducted. This includes internal and external vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Teem Company Security

Teem has a dedicated CISSP staff member. We follow security best practices for incident response management procedures and user access control. We utilize safe password management and multifactor authentication, and enforce rigorous security measures.

This just scratches the surface of our security policies. If you’d like more details, we’re happy to provide them. Just contact us with your specific questions or requirements.

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