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Your Tools for Intelligent Teamwork

Teem works with you to develop a workplace experience that improves productivity, efficiency and most important happiness at work.

Meet Effortlessly

Meeting face-to-face is still the best way to get things done – make it a frictionless experience for your team.

Manage Seamlessly

Go with a system that works for everyone. Employees get to meet smarter, and you get a management dashboard that does it all.

Measure Intelligently

Workplace analytics should be more than interesting. They should be impactful. Our insights reveal actions you can take to help your office be more productive.

Teem Workplace Experience

These are some of the ways Teem can help your workplace experince.

Build a Better Meeting Culture

Teem helps eliminate unattended meetings, allowing for more collaboration and less wasted time. Create an environment where everyone feels like they can find the best space for their work, and cultivate a more productive workplace.

Interruptions can cost companies in big ways, both in terms of productivity and in culture. See how Teem helps build a better meeting culture.

Seamless, Centralized Management

Customize meeting preferences, add integrations, monitor visitor activity, and more, all from one central place. Whether you’re a part of a nimble team or a global organization, your digital workplace can easily be managed with the Teem Dashboard.

Workplace Data That Matters

With easy-to-digest reports provided in Teem Workplace Insights, you can better understand employee behavior around space utilization, meetings, and more. These interactive reports give you a deeper understanding into your data and also include dynamic recommendations specific to your organization. With Teem Workplace Insights, we don’t just help you look at data. We help you take action.

The Teem WX Platform

Space Scheduling & Management

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Visitor Management

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Building Wayfinding

About Wayfinding

Workplace Analytics

About Analytics

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Find out why successful companies like Airbnb, MGM Grand, Mozilla and Slack are using Teem’s meeting tools and workplace analytics to improve how their people, places and technology work together.

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