Employee Experience Mobile App

Put desk booking and room scheduling at their fingertips

Your employees are always moving, especially in a hybrid workplace. Make it easier for them to adopt new space strategies by putting their workspace in their hands. Best of all, the app is included with any desk or room licenses.

Use flexible office space to your advantage

Take the hassle out of hot desking with desk booking

You want to revolutionize your workspace by making things more efficient, but you need to get employees on board. Get your workforce warmed up to the new strategy by arming them with an intuitive mobile app that connects them to the workplace like never before.

Build trust with hybrid employees

Give your employees the information they need to stay safe

70% of employees want to come back to the office for the majority of their week, but they expect new protocols to keep them safe. With a mobile app, employees can complete simple wellness checks prior to arrival. They can also reserve rooms or book desks where they feel most comfortable.


Simplify booking and eliminate unattended reservations

A hybrid workplace requires active management, or you could end up with a lot of wasted office space.  The Teem Mobile App makes it easy for employees, contractors, or vendors to reserve desks or rooms instantly. It also eliminates unattended reservations to improve space utilization. 

A powerful, intuitive employee experience

Easy to use, fully-featured app that streamlines the workspace

Workplace technology should be powerful enough to make working easier, but simple enough to understand as soon as you launch it. Teem’s employee experience mobile app is designed to connect employees to the office environment and become an instant companion.

Touchless desk & room booking

Reduce contact with shared surfaces by allowing employees to book desks and reserve meeting rooms right from their mobile app. They can check availability from anywhere, even at home, to decide if they feel comfortable coming into the office that day. They can reserve the space that best suits their needs and invite coworkers to meetings to set up their day for success. 


Maps with real-time availability

No more endless wandering. Employees can quickly find the space they're looking for with easy-to-read maps and real-time availability indicators. They can interact with spaces to see amenities or capacity, and book with one tap.


Search & filter

Some days employees need a desk with an extra monitor next to their coworkers. Other days, they need a quiet space to get deep work done. Our workplace experience mobile app makes it easy for them to search for the amenities they need to do their best work.


Agenda & calendar sync

Stay up to date with meeting information, and keep your calendaring all in one app. Create events, book space, and add coworkers all from the same app. The app is an all in one tool to stay connected to your agenda, coworkers, and office space at the same time.


Employee wellness checks

Employees can easily fill out simple wellness checks from the app to help ensure they are free of COVID-19 symptoms before they arrive. You can also use this feature during cold and flu season to remind employees to stay home if they have a cough, runny nose, fever, or other symptoms.


Find people and places fast

Stop wasting time wandering around the office! Employees can easily search for colleagues by name and see their room or desk reservations so they can reserve space near them. They can pinpoint people, rooms, or desks on a map within the Teem mobile app. Employees can also adjust their app's privacy settings if they don't want their location to be searchable. 


Connect your company calendar system

Personal agenda view with bi-directional calendar sync

Employees can book desks and rooms from their mobile device, thanks to seamless integration with popular calendar and email systems such as Exchange, Office 365/Outlook, and Google apps. Any events created from those systems will show up in a personal agenda view (and vice versa), giving employees a one-stop-shop for moving through the office meeting by meeting. Reservations made using any product in Teem’s ecosystem will be reflected on the app as well, meaning your office is always armed with the most up to date information.


Greater than the sum of its parts

Seamlessly connect with Teem’s ecosystem

The mobile app works seamlessly with Teem’s workplace experience ecosystem. Whether a room is booked on location from an Eventboard display, or a desk is booked from a coworker’s email plugin, the mobile app is always up to date with the latest information to break down disparate space management systems and create a frictionless workplace for all.


Mobile booking software gives leaders valuable workplace analytics

Average meeting sizes and times

Many large conference rooms sit empty too often because most meetings take place between smaller groups of people. Knowing your company’s average meeting size can help you reconfigure your conference rooms accordingly. And knowing how long a typical meeting lasts can help you better support your workforce.

Conference room utilization

The average conference room is empty about three-fourths of the day, according to consulting firm HOK. That amounts to a lot of wasted space. How often are your rooms actually occupied? When you know your average conference room utilization, you can make improvements to get more meetings out of every space.

Desk utilization data

In your new hybrid workplace, desk occupancy will fluctuate from day to day. That’s why desk utilization data will be one of the most important workplace analytics to track. When you know how many desks are reserved each day and how long the average reservation lasts, you can make sure you always have enough space for everyone.


Protect your company’s data with security features that halt hackers


Single sign-on

Easily manage access to the Teem app and other technologies with the single sign-on feature. This makes onboarding and offboarding a breeze..


Two-factor authentication

In the cloud, identity equals access. Ensure only authorized users have access to your workplace app and floor plans with two steps to verify their identity.


SOC-2 compliance

Choosing SOC2 compliant technology is a proactive step your company can take to ensure you're protecting customer and employee data. We’re proud to say our technology meets SOC2 compliance standards.