Return to Office Solutions

Plan a flexible & safe return to the office with Teem

You’ve put a lot of effort into your return to the office, so you need to make sure you can keep employees safe and help them use space effectively in a new hybrid environment. Eliminate barriers to better space usage and office security from an all-in-one workplace experience platform that makes overcoming them easy.
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Welcome your onsite workforce back to the office

Give employees confidence

Employees face many challenges and emotions about returning. They want to make the most out of in-person collaboration while staying safe and having confidence in their workplace. Technology can help bridge the gaps between home and office for a more comfortable workplace experience. 

Empower comprehensive planning

Bring order to your space strategy

Conference room scheduling shouldn’t be the wild west. Keep hot desking practices well-organized with booking tools that give employees the confidence they need to enjoy office-based meetings. With Teem’s space booking software it’s simple to rethink how space is used, so you can bring calm and order.

Create a culture of transparency

Overcome back-to-the-office anxiety

Give employees an experience to look forward to, so they can safely and comfortably enjoy the hybrid experience. When you implement new technology for your office, make employee safety a top priority. Lay the groundwork for a safe return with visitor management software to create a sense of cohesion and purpose.

Full-featured software suite

Elevate the return to office experience

Employees are drawn to the mix of interactions and space available in the office but also expect more autonomy and flexibility. There’s a new set of best practices for accommodating a blended workforce. Welcome employees back by improving the workplace experience and anticipating their needs.

Touchless Desk Booking

Make it easy for employees to search for and reserve desks in advance or in an instant, from the safety of their mobile deviceTackle safety challenges of working in the office by spacing out desks and implementing reservations, so everyone can work from the office safely.


Coming Soon: Employee Wellness Checks

Manage new wellness concerns in the office in the safest, most efficient manner possible with Mobile Wellness surveys. Send daily notifications before employees arrive to confirm they feel well enough to enter the workplace, directly from their mobile phone.


Contact Tracing

Conduct contact tracing intelligently and without delay using digital records to identify anyone who was onsite during a potential exposure. Wellness check logs help determine which employees need to be notified and digital visitor logs keep contact information accessible so you can take immediate action.


Wayfinding with Real-time availability

Add floor plans to your Teem ecosystem to help employees map their surroundings and navigate your workplace, so you can eliminate endless wandering. User-friendly wayfinding tools and digital kiosks give employees an easy way to visualize availability in real-time and locate their reserved space.



By implementing a digital workplace, you can analyze how space is used and act upon utilization data to optimize your strategy. As employees use Teem to book desks, reserve rooms, and use your office space, utilization data is aggregated automatically so you can generate plain language reports that provide actionable insights. 


Connect Your Company Calendar System

Conference Room scheduling integrates with common calendar apps

While other conference room scheduling solutions require extensive work to integrate with systems like Exchange, ours is simple. Employees can also book a room from their desktop or mobile device, thanks to seamless integration with popular calendar and email systems such as Exchange, Office 365/Outlook, and Google apps.

Google Apps for calendaring
Office 365 for calendaring
Exchange for calendaring

Greater than the sum of its parts

Teem’s ecosystem works together

The mobile app works seamlessly with Teem’s workplace experience ecosystem. Whether a room is booked on location from an Eventboard display, or a desk is booked from a coworker’s email plugin, the mobile app is always up to date with the latest information to break down disparate space management systems and create a frictionless workplace for all.