Share Desks, Not Germs

Your employees have concerns about sharing desks, and we don't blame them. Make hot desking more sanitary and certain with desk booking software.
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Stay productive while physical distancing

With rising real estate costs and more employees opting to split time between home and office, you need to adopt new seating strategies to reduce expenses and meet employee needs. Use hot desk booking software for agile seating arrangements that promote flexible physical distancing between workstations.


Eliminate hot desking anxiety for a smooth transition

Your employees want to come back to the office but may be
worried about sharing desks or being able to get the space they need. Hot desking solutions can ease those concerns by making it easy to see when a space was reserved last, and when it needs to be sanitized.


Simple desk booking, from the safety of your mobile device

Teem’s mobile employee experience app arms your workforce with information and agency for a hands-free way to book a desk from their phone. With desk booking software, your employees can view a variety of workspace options and pick the one that bolsters their creativity, focus, and productivity.

The flexibility your team needs

What can employees do
with Teem desk booking?

The Teem platform removes obstacles between your employees and the desk that best fits their needs.

See real-time desk availability

Before they leave home, your workforce wants to know how crowded the workplace is and whether they’ll be able to book a desk. Desk booking information syncs in real-time across the Teem platform, so they’ll have the information needed to feel comfortable coming into the office.


Find the best
space for the day

Enable your employees with desk booking software that helps them find desks based on what they need so they can maximize their workday. Hot desking solutions allow them to search and filter by availability, amenities, and more, so they can scout out and reserve a desk that supports productive work.


Stay on schedule

Keep your schedule on track and eliminate endless wandering around the office. Employees can quickly view their work calendar directly from the Teem app and use their mobile device to quickly book space for any meeting. So the next time a colleague requests a sync-up at the last minute, they can find an open space faster and book it on-demand with desk booking software.


Desk booking in advance or on demand

Employees can rest assured that they will have a space by booking the desk ahead of time, whether they’re in the office or planning their week from home. And when something comes up at the last minute, ad hoc desk booking adds to the flexibility of agile seating strategies enabled by desk booking software.


Easy desk booking deployment and management with robust insights

What can you do with Teem desk booking?

Easy deployment for all business sizes

No matter the business size, deploying new technology can be a daunting task. Teem simplifies the set-up process to ease your return, not add more issues to your plate. Our desk booking solutions create and manage desk calendars internally, so you can deploy your new agile seating strategy in just moments, not days.

Manage capacity for a safer return

Help reduce office capacity and allow employees to feel confident as they return to the office. You can use hot desk booking software to limit the number of available desks and require your employees to reserve them prior to coming into the workplace.

Minimize risks and reduce disruptions

Demonstrate your commitment to health and wellbeing in the post-pandemic office. Desk booking solutions reduce inefficiencies that can increase risks and waste valuable time. It gives your employees more time to focus on the job at hand, frees them up to get more creative, and opens the door for more collaboration as you create a safer place for them to work.

Get insights into true desk utilization

Employees may be in the office less often, but reduced desk availability could make it harder to calculate your true desk utilization when they are there. Our desk hoteling software will soon allow you to know how your workplace utilization is evolving, which means you’ll have the data you need so you can plan accordingly.

Enhance your desk booking solutions

Powerful integrations for the modern workplace

Connect our desk booking software with your existing calendar apps

To instill confidence and trust in your employees, you need desk booking software that’s easy to adopt and learn. Teem’s hot desking solutions integrate seamlessly into email and calendar apps your employees already use, so there’s no need to worry about scheduling conflicts.

Google Apps calendaring integration
Office 356 calendar integration
Exchange calendar integration

Floorplans with real-time availability

Make desk information more accessible

Our desk booking software connects with Teem Maps to make your workplace more visible and accessible for your employees. Give your employees a bird eye’s view of which spaces are available and where they’re located so they can navigate around the office easily.

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