Conference Room Scheduling Software

Return to in-person collaboration

Finding conference rooms for your meeting was already chaotic, but now with your workforce excited to meet face to face for the first time in a while, rooms might be even harder to find. Conference room scheduling software takes the headaches out of organizing conference room space utilization so employees can focus on the work that matters.
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Make meetings easy to find, book and schedule

No more scheduling conflicts.

Never worry about another scheduling conflict. When you need to schedule a meeting, employees don’t want the process to be difficult or prone to errors. Make meetings easy to find, book, and schedule with room scheduling software that syncs with your company calendar system and puts an end to frustrating scheduling conflicts. 

Predict utilization trends

Recapture wasted space

Conference rooms are often underutilized, sitting empty for most of the day until a there’s a surge of demand and no availability. Conference room scheduling helps you predict utilization trends and implement new policies that make it easier for more employees to use the space for their meetings.

Make finding space to collaborate simple

Increase employee productivity

Cater to returning employees with conference room scheduling software that makes finding space to collaborate simple. Visual conference room scheduling software lets employees explore room availability and book a meeting space from their mobile phone, centralized kiosks, or their email plugins. With less time spent looking for a conference room, your workforce can dedicate more energy on working together. 

Everything you need to bring employees back together

Create a smooth return to face-to-face collaboration

The Teem platform brings together everything you need to bring employees back together and get back to working effectively in person, face-to-face, without the hassles of an older conference room policy.

Real-time availability
& search

Find the room that best fits your needs, with the right capacity and amenities. Use visual conference room booking maps geared towards collaboration, with that show real-time availability so employees can quickly identify the best place to meet.


Agile Booking Platform

Make it easy for employees to adopt conference room booking practices by putting room availability into the tools they already use. Employees can book conference rooms from their phone, web portal, email clients, conference room display panels, and centralized kiosks.


Workplace data
& Insights

When employees book conference rooms through Teem, you can uncover deeper insights into how spaces are used, including which rooms are booked the most often, average capacities, peak utilization hours, and more. With automatically aggregated data, you can make well-informed decisions to maximize your space and create policies that benefit the entire workplace.


Manage rooms across your campuses

A single dashboard and campus hierarchy makes managing large deployments simple. Tweak reservation rules, amenities, capacity, and more to scale as needed. Set up room profiles to quickly deploy Teem across your entire enterprise.


Connect your company calendar system

Conference room scheduling integrates with common calendar apps

Employees can also book a room from their desktop or mobile device, thanks to seamless integration with popular calendar and email systems such as Exchange, Office 365/Outlook, and Google apps. While other conference room scheduling solutions require extensive work to integrate with systems like Exchange, ours is simple.


More than a Room Scheduling Platform

Eliminate Ghost, Zombie, and Late-Start Meetings

Forgotten reservations waste valuable real estate and frustrate employees who need the space. And when those reservations are recurring, your conference rooms could be sitting empty week after week before someone notices. Teem's room scheduling displays have a check-in feature designed to banish ghost and recurring "zombie" meetings.



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