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Conference Room Scheduling From
Any Device – Anywhere, Anytime

Teem Space Scheduling solutions make it easier for your employees to meet. Everybody works differently. Whichever conference room scheduling methods you prefer, we’re here for you.


Meetings often happen spur of the moment. With the Teem app, you can quickly find and book a meeting room with the capacity and equipment you need with just a few taps on your phone or tablet.


Teem Calendar Plugins live within the calendar software your company uses. These tools do everything the Teem mobile app does – find and reserve rooms with the right resources and desks when you need them – all without leaving your desktop or opening another tab.

Teem Calendar Plugins

Book Desks and Rooms Through Your Existing Calendar System

If your organization uses Google Calendar, Exchange or Office 365, Teem Plugins can be easily integrated with your existing calendar systems. This means meeting details will show at the conference room you've booked, and the room will show as unavailable for that time on your company calendar.

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More Ways to Schedule

There’s even more beyond the Teem mobile app and Calendar Plugins. Check out how easy booking becomes with sensors and voice commands below.

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