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Meeting Check-in

Confirm Meetings and Reclaim No-shows

Improve space efficiency in your workplace with Teem Check-in and free up no-show meeting space and collect valuable space utilization data.

What Check-in Does

Check-in removes unattended meetings from your calendar. This intuitive Teem feature requires users to check-in when they arrive at their meeting. If nobody checks in, Teem cancels the reservation so others can use the space.

Start Collecting Valuable Data

Understanding how your organization uses conference rooms can be tricky — looking at space utilization is difficult and can be inaccurate without the correct tools in place. With Teem Check-in, it’s easy.

Customize Check-in for your Office Culture

Reinforce a Culture of Accountability

Late start meetings have become an epidemic in today’s corporate culture, and they are a massive hit to productivity. With Teem Check-in, you can customize the window of time for Check-in to match your company’s stance on meeting punctuality.

Check Out How Check-in Works
Make Data-Driven Decisions

Get a True Look at Utilization

Teem Check-in powers many of the reports from Teem Workplace Insights that surround meeting behavior. An accurate look at room utilization allows your organization to make better decisions about when to expand, repurpose, or reallocate resources to get the most out of your meeting rooms.

Choose Where Check-in Happens

Complete Control of Your Spaces

The Teem hierarchy-based management structure gives you control of all features, including Check-in, by campus, floor, and even room. Need Check-in for most rooms, but not on the great and powerful boardroom? Simply adjust your settings, and you’re ready to go.

"That Guy" - The Interrupter
Every office has "That Guy" or Gal - the worst offender of bad office behavior. Watch the video to see how Teem can help.

Thousands of Happy Customers

Making Check-in Easy for Everyone

We’ve made check-in easy and intuitive using Teem Room Displays, but that’s not the only way you can check into your meeting. Check-in and confirm your reservation with other Teem tools.

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