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First Come, First Served Spaces

In recent years, workplaces have become more varied with a significant rise in huddle spaces to support informal collaboration. Since these spaces are often not reservable, it can be difficult for employees to find huddle spaces that are available when they need one. It’s even tougher for IT, Facilities, and Real Estate teams to track and understand the utilization of these types of spaces. 

That’s where Teem comes in.

Sensors Increase Visibility

The Teem Sensor integration allows our platform to harness occupation data even in flexible ad hoc spaces like Huddle Spaces. With Sensors, huddle spaces are automatically booked when they become occupied. The status of these spaces is then reflected like any other booked meeting and is easily visible on calendars, Teem Room Displays, Teem Area Displays, and Teem Calendar Plugins.

Track Huddle Space Data

Teem Workplace Insights and sensors are the perfect combination to help track your organization’s meeting trends. Learn what the actual utilization of huddle spaces is compared to regular, reservable meeting rooms, get actionable data that includes recommendations specific to your organization’s meeting behavior, and more. .

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Help your employees access and utilize meeting rooms in the most efficient way possible, so your organization can work at its most productive levels.

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An easy-to-use desk solution with assigned desk and desk booking options that allows users to book desks in advance or ad-hoc.

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