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Make the Most out of Meeting Rooms

Manage conference rooms with ease, enable effortless employee booking, increase space visibility, understand true utilization, and more.

Meet With Purpose

Every meeting has its own purpose — it’s own unique mission to accomplish. The perfect meeting room for a 1:1 is not ideal for a board meeting, training overview, or work session.

Find the Perfect Room

You’ve got the perfect room for every meeting. Teem can help your employees access and utilize them in the most efficient way possible, so your organization can work at its most productive levels.

Tools Employees Want to Use

Easy Adoption

Getting employees to use Teem isn't a challenge, because we make tools that live on the platforms and devices they use every day. Teem Calendar Plugins exist within the calendar systems your employees already use and help them find rooms based on availability, amenities, capacity, and location. While the Teem mobile app enables employees to see upcoming meetings, book spaces ad hoc, get turn-by-turn directions powered by our beacon integration, and much more.

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Show Availability of Spaces

Enhance Visibility

Teem Display Apps clearly show the availability of shared spaces throughout the office. Teem Room Display apps are usually found just outside of conference rooms. They show if a room is available or in use, the room’s schedule for the day, and they allow employees to book any space in advance or ad hoc. Teem Area Display apps clearly show a room’s status and location on Maps through the digital signage solution of your choice.

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See how Teem can help improve visibility and reduce interruptions with Space Scheduling and Room Displays.

Thousands of happy customers, including:

Streamline Meeting Room Processes

Increase Efficiency

Right when the meeting starts, Teem Check-in removes unattended meetings from the calendar and tracks those meetings so you can understand how your spaces are being used and end frustrations from booked spaces that sit empty. And when tech goes on the fritz, Teem Work Requests make reporting issues with tech, furniture, and anything else within the room easy. With a couple taps on Teem Room Displays, a work request is sent to the appropriate party.

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Optimize Your Space Today

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Manage Desks & Huddle Spaces

There’s more to Teem’s Workplace Experience Platform. Check out some of the other ways Teem can optimize your office.


An easy-to-use desk solution with assigned desk and desk booking options that allows users to book desks in advance or ad-hoc.

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Huddle Spaces

Integrate with sensors to enable occupancy-based huddle space booking and showcase associated space status on other Teem solutions.

About Huddle Spaces

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