Visitor Management System

Bring Visitors back to the office, too

You’re starting to bring employees back, but meetings with vendors, contractors, and interviewees have taken a back seat. Speed up the return of visitors to your office with an all-in-one visitor management system that streamlines the experience from start to finish and keeps everyone safe.
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Elevate your visitor experience

Keep your office safe and secure

You want to elevate the visitor experience but need a visitor management solution to efficiently manage multiple lobbies, buildings, or campuses. Our visitor management software brings all the aspects of the guest experience into a single platform, enabling easy maintenance, robust control, and data analytics.

Keep your office secure

Organize and maintain digital visitor check-in processes

Outdated systems hold you back from keeping your offices and employees secure. Digital visitor management solutions give you the ability to track who comes in and out of the office, obtain signatures and attestations, and run analytics to adjust visitor policies. Paper doesn’t give you the ability to accomplish all of that.

Speed up check in

Save time and avoid crowded lobbies

If your company handles many visitors, from contractors to vendors to interviewees, using a visitor management system to streamline the visitor experience is crucial. Teem’s all-in-one visitor management solution enables employees to pre-register their guests, digitize the check-in process, and automate host notifications to decrease the time visitors spend waiting.

An easy-to-use system

Enhancing the Visitor Management Experience from start to finish

The Teem platform brings everything together in an easy-to-use system.

Pre-register visitors to maximize convenience

Employees who plan to host a visitor can register their guest ahead of time from the desktop web app or directly from our email plugin. Guests will receive an email invite with everything they need to know for their visit. Include parking directions, Wi-Fi passwords, and other helpful details to help make the experience as smooth as possible.


Speed up check-in when guests arrive

Teem’s native LobbyConnect app makes a great first impression on your guests thanks to beautiful company branding and a user-friendly interface. Delegate check-in tasks to technology and prompt visitors to select the reason for their visit and sign custom contracts related to their function, such as NDAs or other attestations.


Get to know your guests

Present visitors with a custom questionnaire at check-in for a better understanding of your visitors. Whether you’re checking how they feel or asking interview candidates how they heard about your company, the easiest way to accommodate your guests is to get to know them.


Notify hosts automatically

Connect Teem with company messaging channels to get crowded lobby under control. When guests check in, Teem will notify hosts automatically via Slack or email to cut down on long wait times and help avoid the risk of exposure from crowded lobbies.


Contact tracing

Digitize visitor logs

Avoid delays when it comes to contact tracing. Keep digital visitor logs so you can respond quickly to incidents, resolving issues easily by allowing you to identify contact information for anyone you need to notify about a possible exposure.

contact tracing dashboard

Seamless integrations

Connect to the tools you already use

Teem integrates with your other workplace tools, including calendar apps, storage software, directory look-up, and communication tools like Slack and email so you can easily find the information you need and simplify coordination.

Google Apps integrations
Office 365 integrations
Exchange integrations
Slack integrations

Workplace Analytics

Enable intelligent visitor management

Teem’s ecosystem automatically collects your lobby utilization data so you can get easy-to-read insights such as which lobbies get the most visitors or most frequent visitor types, helping you can plan and optimize your visitor management strategies.



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A Secure Platform To Manage Visitors In Your Workplace

What does your current visitor tracking software say about your office security and guest experience? Take it up a notch with Teem's visitor tracking software.

Photo IDs

Visitors can create their own photo IDs with Teem’s wireless printer integrations to improve your visitor tracking system.

Watchlist Alerts

Keep your building secure with email alerts when a prospective visitor matches your watchlist.

Visitor Analytics

Understand why guests visit and reasons for high traffic, and enable delivery notifications.

It’s All About Your Visitor Experience

Give visitors all the information they need even before they arrive—from where to park to how to access your Wi-Fi. Simplify registration and check-in. A great visitor experience sets the foundation for a lasting relationship and comprehensive visitor management.
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