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With Teem, there’s no hassle when it comes to navigating the workplace. Our wayfinding solution provides interactive and displayable maps to help employees get where they’re trying to go.

Teem Room Displays

In addition to all of the powerful scheduling tools this app offers, Map view on Teem Room Displays adds another layer to make everyone’s workday easier.

  • Interactive maps for any floor, not just the floor that you’re on.

  • Space availability status, schedule, and information (amenities, capacity, and more).

  • In advance or ad hoc booking, right from the display.

  • Available rooms, huddle spaces, and desks shown and easily located.

Teem Area Displays

Teem Area Displays are like airport flight status boards on large monitors. They can be placed in heavy-traffic areas around the workplace where employees can get the information and context they need at-a-glance.

  • Office floor plan and space availability through List or Map view.

  • Available and soon-to-be available rooms, huddle spaces, and desks easily located.

  • Visibility of spaces that are available, will soon be available, or are booked for the day.

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Find Your Way

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