Workplace Analytics & Office Insights

Manage and measure space in your hybrid workplace

Keep track of how many people are in the office and how they’re using the space so you can steer your real estate strategy into the future using data-driven intelligence.

Measure desk and conference room utilization

Optimize office space

If you don't know how employees are using your workspaces and conference rooms, you're likely wasting a lot of space. Teem gives you instant visibility into space utilization data and recommendations you can use immediately to make the most of your office space.

Meet. Measure. Manage.

Gain deeper insight into your entire workplace

When you manage spaces with Teem, you can measure what you need to manage from a single platform. You’ll have full transparency into your rooms, desks, and lobbies, allowing you to track space utilization and report on KPIs you can leverage to justify your strategy, articulate the ROI of recapturing wasted space and increasing productivity, and instantly take action to meet the needs of your workplace.

Actionable recommendations

No complicated queries or data science required

Teem automatically collects and aggregates your data into workplace insights as employees use the platform — enabling you to report on performance and take recommended action instantly. Get plain-language reports for common KPIs and clearly explained methodology, eliminating the need for complicated queries and data-science tools.

Data to iterate your workplace experience

Transform data into strategic direction

When your organization uses Teem, data is automatically collected and aggregated into easy to read reports on key performance indicators that help you optimize your workplace strategy. We explain our methodologies clearly and you always have access to your data so you can do your own analyses as well.

Contact Tracing

Use technology to ensure a safe return to the office. Desk reservations and wellness checks help keep employees confident as they re-enter the workplace. Meanwhile, contact tracing from the admin dashboard makes it easier know the who was in the office when, allowing you to notify employees and guests in case of a potential exposure.


What is your hot desk utilization rate?

When are employees using desks most often? What amenities are popular? Agile seating strategies require data to track implementation success and iterate over time so you can meet employee needs while increasing workplace productivity.


Zombie meetings

How often are meeting rooms reserved but in reality, no one is using them? See how often space is wasted based on your room scheduling reservation and check-in data and access recommendations to recapture and reallocate it with Teem’s zombie meetings report.


How many visitors have you had?

Are too many visitors entering your office? Do some lobbies need more security than others? Leverage insights from your LobbyConnect analytics to see how many guests you have, evaluate whether they’re clients, vendors, or other types of guests, and adjust your policies accordingly to keep your employees, office, and IP secure.


Sensor integrations

Automate meeting check-in & booking

Teem's sensor integrations pull valuable utilization data from your conference room analytics — such as whether or not team members are showing up to their meetings — into your insights dashboard so you can identify opportunities for improvement. You can use sensors to automate meeting check-in, book spaces as they become occupied, and make rooms available again if no one shows up for a reservation, helping to cut down on wasted space.


Hot desk utilization and peak desk hours

Putting your room and desk insights into use

Wall-to-wall coverage to optimize every part of your workplace utilization and employee experience. 

Hot desk utilization

Which desks are most popular for employees? Amenities, location, and a number of other factors can influence hot desk utilization. Compare how desks are being used and analyze utilization patters to increase adoption and optimize your agile seating strategy.

Peak desk hours

After you return to the office, hybrid employees and new policies mean desk utilization habits will be in flux. Understanding the peak desk hours gives you a different lens to see how people behave and enable you to build a strategy that meets their needs.


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