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Meeting Room and Workplace Analytics

Making workspace decisions without relevant data can be a business killer. End the guesswork with meeting and workplace analytics by Teem.

Workspace and Facilities Optimization

It’s the equivalent of “be the best you can be” – for your office space. Our workplace analytics help you discover exactly how spaces are being used. Find out which meeting rooms are most popular, and which are underused. Get recommendations about how many conference rooms your company actually needs, so you can figure out how to match supply with demand.

Meeting Productivity Benchmarks

Goals to optimize meeting rooms can be next to impossible to quantify, but it gets a lot easier when you can see exactly what you’re dealing with. Teem can help. Our workplace analytics provide valuable insights to show you how meetings are impacting your company. After all, up to 15 percent of an organization’s time is spent in meetings. It’s in everyone’s best interest to review the meeting analytics to ensure that time is well spent.

Lobby Visitor Stats

If your organization has implemented our visitor management solution, you can review related workspace analytics to quickly find out how many and what types of visitors frequent each of your lobbies, so you can make better decisions about lobby management and related processes.

Get the Data that Powers Workplace Analytics

Connect Your Existing Solutions to Teem

Intelligent Insights from Your Smart Office

If your office is part of the Internet of Things, you’re already on the way to taking your workplace to the next level. Now step it up another notch by integrating your sensors with Teem so your insights dashboard can include valuable data from our room utilization software, like whether or not people are showing up to their meetings.

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Intelligent and Actionable Suggestions

Recommendations to Help Your Office Improve

One of the biggest problems with the big data movement is that data itself doesn't drive change. It takes analysis and action to make strides toward productivity and workspace optimization. That’s why the charts and graphs based on your company’s specific data are accompanied by specific recommendations for key insights: actions you can take to help your company improve.

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Insights from Workplace Analytics


Room Utilization

Facilities managers often hear complaints that conference rooms are “always full.” Businesses typically see high traffic to meeting rooms between 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. If your utilization rates are high during those peak times, there might not be enough available space to meet demand. With information like this, you’ll be able to make smart decisions about space expansion or repurposing — or at least advise your staff to spread out meeting times.


Meeting Cancellations

Meetings get canceled. It’s a fact of life. But a lot of people don’t realize that examining how they’re canceled can help reveal inefficiencies around the office. When meetings are canceled in advance, it gives people an opportunity to reallocate their time. The same is true for the meeting rooms that were scheduled. So it can make a big difference when you find out that most of your company’s meetings are being canceled because no one showed up.


Recapture Rate

Our recapture rate insight is a good representation of which rooms are your employees’ favorite (or least favorite). Rooms with high recapture rates are re-booked as soon as employees notice they’re available again – e.g. if a previously scheduled meeting gets canceled. For those with lower recapture rates, you can dig into why and fix the problem so that you’re not wasting space by having empty meeting rooms.


Zombie Meetings

Bet you didn’t even know that you’ve got a zombie problem in the office. Zombie meetings are recurring events that no one attends, often scheduled by former employees or others who have forgotten about them. Zombie meetings are a big reason why rooms sit empty while your shared calendar shows they’re being used. Our platform helps you banish zombie meetings, and insights will help you track how much calendar time is freed up as a result.


Meeting Duration

More and more companies are paying attention to how much time they spend in meetings. Find out whether most meetings at your organization are 15 minutes or less, or if 30-60 minute sessions are more common. You can even break it down by location, to identify trends. See if your sales office in Austin tends toward longer meetings, while your finance team in Chicago favors quick stand-ups. Although there’s no universal right meeting duration, finding out what’s most efficient for different groups can lead to more productive meetings.


Meeting Size

Not all meeting rooms are created equal. Some can accommodate larger meetings, whereas others only fit small groups comfortably, or maybe even just a couple of people. By comparing your company’s typical meeting size to the seating capacity of the available rooms, you can rearrange to make the best use of the space. If the typical meeting size is six people but most of your rooms seat only four, it might be time to get rid of those big armchairs and replace them with a narrow table and six regular office chairs.


Meeting Participants

Take a closer look at how much time your workforce spends in meetings, and how often they meet. If your company culture values collaboration but your metrics show that employees aren’t attending meetings, there may be a disconnect that needs to be addressed. On the other hand, if you have too many people participating in meetings, it hurts efficiency. Watching this metric can help your company find just the right balance.


Meeting Scheduled in Advance

Determine if your company culture is all about the last-minute scramble, or if you’re planners with agenda-based meetings. Both approaches have pros and cons. Because of a lack of preparation, last-minute meetings can be inefficient and frustrating for employees. But too many meetings planned far in advance can mean that your organization runs the risks of “meeting just to meet.”



If you know what types of visitors (deliveries, job candidates, clients) frequent each of your lobbies, you can make better decisions about lobby space management and related processes, like whether or not to have a full-time front desk person. Our platform makes it easy to view visitor data, whether you want to dig down for location-specific details or to look at an overview.


Resource Popularity

Apple TV or Chromecast? Phone or no phone? If your IT team struggles to decide what tech to install in your conference rooms, you can make their lives a whole lot easier with this insight. Based on our work requests feature that lets end users report problems with meeting room equipment, right from the Teem Room Display, this data reveals the reliability and popularity of different types of conference room tech.

Teem Workplace Analytics Tech Specs

Your Data Stays Secure

Teem is fiercely dedicated to keeping our customers’ data safe and secure. Our staff includes CISSP-certified team members who monitor and audit our security 24/7. We have quarterly vulnerability assessments on all network infrastructure and yearly pen tests against all web applications.

Up-to-the-Minute Insights

Because our insights are driven by your use of our meeting and visitor management tools, every time they use one of those applications your data gets updated to reflect the latest activity.

Filter or Compare by Location

Many of our customers find that different campuses, buildings or even floors have significantly different usage patterns. Filter by location to see insights specific to any level of your organization.

Choose What You Measure

You can fine-tune your data by adjusting the settings for the Teem meeting tools that your company uses. Want more insight into visitors? Set up granular visitor types for LobbyConnect. Want to track recapture rate for rooms? Turn on Teem Room Display’s check-in feature.

Attractive Charts and Graphs

Workspace analytics in the form of charts, graphs and, histograms in the insights section are clean and efficient at communicating the essentials. Share them with your colleagues in presentations and email updates so that everyone can get behind suggested improvements.

Review Trends Over Time

Filter your meeting analytics and data by different timeframes to get a sense of how your company’s behavior and workspace optimization is improving over time.

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