The WX Conference

The premier event focused on improving workplace experience.

WXlives at the intersection of people, space and technology. The WX Summit is designed to bring together leading WX thinkers and practitioners from the worlds of Facilities and Real Estate, Information Technology, and Human Resources for engaging exploration and idea-sharing.

You’ll experience new perspectives on workplace experience through the lenses of CRE, IT and HR and have the opportunity to discuss with your colleagues how to apply WX best practices across your organization.

We look forward to you joining the conversation and moving toward a better workplace experience with improved productivity and efficiency of your company's most important asset - your employees.

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Jan 22 - 24, 2019

Schedule of Events

Come learn with other passionate professionals why ‘Workplace Experience’ is rapidly becoming the newest department in corporations worldwide.



✈ Arrive in Salt Lake City, UT

- Head on up to Park City, The Grand Summit Hotel

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Optional Office Tours of Teem

- Flight come in early? Come on by for a tour and a quiet (ish) place to get stuff done

1:00pm - 3:00 pm

Registration for WX Summit

- Conference Registration in Kokopelli Lobby 

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Keynote Speaker

Main Ballroom at the Grand Summit

6:00 PM

Dinner at Deer Valley's Fireside Dining

Featuring local favorites in the heart of Deer Valley, Fireside Dining features four courses served from our stone fireplaces.

Wednesday, January 23 - COLLABORATION + ROADMAPS

6:00 AM TO 7:00 AM

Early Risers

- Join Schole Yoga Instructor and Teem Co-founder Zach Holmquist for a yoga session guaranteed to get you going (no experience necessary)

7:30 AM


WX Summit Lounge outside the main ballroom at the Grand Summit.

8:30 AM TO 5:00 PM

The WX Deep Dive

- Speakers, inspiration, brainstorming, conversation
- Strategies to change + improve your workplace

6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Dinner at Riverhorse & Visit Mainstreet Park City

Dinner on Main Street Park City days before the Sundance Film Festival

Thursday, January 24 - EXPERIENCE UTAH

Experiences are included in the 3-Day Registration Package, choose one:

6:00 AM - 7:00am

Early Riser

Get a jump-start on your day with a relaxing yoga session with Teem Co-Founder and Yoga Instructor, Zach Holmquist

8:00 AM


Fill up before you head out for your Utah Experience

Experience 1
9:00 AM - 4:00PM

Ski or Snowboard

Ski or Snowboard the world famous Park City Mountain Resort — steps from the hotel

Experience 2
9:00 AM - 1:00PM

Spa Day

Indulge in a world-class spa experience at the RockResorts Spa at Grand Summit

9:00 AM - 12:30PM

Snowmobile Tour

Take a unique tour through the winter wonderland of Utah’s mountains

9:30 AM - 12:00PM

Olympic Bobsled

Tour the Utah Olympic Park and experience the thrill of riding in a professionally-manned bobsled

12:30 AM - 3:00PM

Lunch and Office Hours

Lunch and open office hours at Grand Summit, connect with other attendees and Teem members.


WX Summit weaves elements of interaction and exploration throughout the event, getting you out of your seat—and into the experience.


WX Summit is designed to facilitate connection with others, bringing together leading thinkers from a variety of backgrounds.


A curated selection of presentations will leave you inspired and invigorated. Learn from leaders in workplace design, systems and technology.

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3-Day Registration

Get Entrance to all Events and Sessions, Tues–Thurs.

Networking with Workplace Experience Professionals from around the world

Access to all Filmed Speaker Sessions

Experience Utah Activity on Thursday*

Guest Pass**

Accompany a registered guest to WX Summit Activities

Dinners on both Tuesday and Wednesday Night

Experience Utah Activity on Thursday*

Does Not Include Session Attendence

*Experience Utah Activities included in the 3-Day Registration Package, attendees can choose one: - Ski or Snowboard (Make Tracks at the world famous Park City Mountain Resort—right at the backdoors of the hotel) - Spa Day (Enjoy a large selection of services at the Grand Summit) - Snowmobile Tour (Cruise through the winter wonderland of Utah’s mountains) - Utah Olympic Park (Tour the Utah Olympic Park and ride a professionally-manned bobslead)

**Guest passes should be purchased along with at least one 3-Day Registration.

Hotel Booking

Book your lodging at The Grand Summit now. Book your room by December 6, 2018 in order to secure lodging at The Grand Summit using the conference rate.  

And note, for our guests, this special rate is available from January 19-January 27, so take advantage of your time in the mountains! Hit the slopes in beautiful Park City before the conference, or see the sights and films of the world famous Sundance Film Festival, just a few miles from The Grand Summit, which starts Thursday, January 24th immediately following the conference. Limited occupancy and first come first served.

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Group Rates

Improving WX is best done as a team! Bring colleagues and receive a discount.
- 2-3 Attendees 10% off
- 4-6 Attendees 20% off
- 7+ Attendees 30% off

Please contact for a group discount code.

Frequently asked questions


What is Workplace Experience (WX)?

We refer to WX as the culmination of many experiences - spatial, technological, and interpersonal - that employees have within the workplace on a day-to-day basis. The traditional idea of ‘work’ is becoming increasingly mobile and distributed, therefore the workplace must play a different role today than it once did.  Coming into the office is no longer a prerequisite to be productive. Instead, progressive organizations are seeing their workplaces as critical hubs to build organizational culture, to help employees experience a shared sense of purpose and belonging, and as a place to spark and grow human connections. Understanding and improving WX is critical in doing so.

How is Workplace Experience different from Employee Experience?

Employee Experience broadly refers to the culmination of many types of experiences a person will have over her or his time working for an organization, including everything from employee benefit enrollment to performance reviews and beyond. WX is specific subset of Employee Experience dealing with those experiences had within the built workspace.

What can I expect to learn at WX Summit conference?

The WX Summit has gathered leading thinkers and practitioners to help attendees fully understand the positive potential of improving WX and to share best practices in doing so. You can expect an engaging and interactive conference brimming with new ideas for your organization.

Who should attend the WX Summit? IT? Real Estate? HR?

Yes - all of the above. In most organizations, WX isn’t just shaped by one internal department - Real Estate (RE), Information Technology (IT) and Human Resources (HR) teams all play a role. We have designed the WX Summit to be relevant to each of these groups, and we will dive into how these groups can work together collaboratively to improve WX. We even priced the WX Summit to encourage cross-departmental collaboration - bring a colleague from within your organization and you both receive discounted conference fees! Email for a discount code!

Where should I stay for the WX Summit?

The Summit is being held at The Grand Summit in Park City, Utah. Rooms are available now through December 6, 2018 at a discounted rate. Lodging link available in your conference confirmation email.

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