Kim Powers

Experience Director, IDEO

As the Director of Experience for IDEO San Francisco, Kim focuses on designing meaningful experiences for employees and guests, providing a stable foundation for people to do some of the best work of their lives. Day-today, Kim's happy place is right smack in the middle of a rock and a hard place, which, as a former contestant on the reality TV show Survivor, she knows she can MacGyver out of, no problem.

For nearly a decade, Kim has brought her resourcefulness, creativity, and laser-focused attention to detail to bear on such challenges as managing renovations of IDEO's 30,000 square-foot studio overlooking the San Francisco Bay, hosting annual 450-person-plus IDEO family dinners, and organizing Wunderfaire designer craft fairs that welcome over 800 guests each year.

Before IDEO, Kim held various and varied careers: She was an admissions recruiter for Elizabethtown College, did sales and advertising for a magazine and pharmaceutical company, ran outdoor cycling trips for well-heeled adventurers, and went to culinary school to become a chef. Uniting all these experiences: her drive to make others successful -- and well fed.

Outside of IDEO, you can find Kim and her husband pulling the perfect latte at their coffee house, Snow White Coffee Bar, in Oakland, CA, or scouring YouTube for fixer-upper videos about their latest home remodel project.

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