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Finder Signage: Adding Finder Views

To view FAQ on Finder Signage, click here.

Inspired by airport flight status monitors, Finder Signage makes meeting rooms and huddle spaces more visible for employees by showing real-time status for these spaces in your organization. This product can be shown on a monitor in a central location on each floor for everyone to reference in a list or map view. Create custom Finder views and deploy across your organization with your digital signage solution. 

Here’s how to add a Finder view:

1. Start in your Teem dashboard at

2. Under Manage, click on Apps & Integrations.

3. Then select "Flightboard Signage" (Finder).

4. A list of all "Flightboard" (Finder) views will appear. Click on + New View.

5. Name the view.

6. Then select the location to display. This can be narrowed down to a specific campus, building, or floor.

7. If you have a Teem-generated map of the floor, you can choose to display Finder in map view.
Note: Maps only work at the floor level and can only show one floor at a time.

8. To customize the appearance and scope of the map in this view, click the Configure Map View button. You can then configure the zoom level, rotation, aspect ratio, and pan of the map. This map configuration is not saved until you save the Finder view.

9. Save the view.

10. Finally, copy the URL link and paste it into your digital signage service to be displayed on digital signage hardware across your company.

Once you've successfully added a Finder view, you may want to test how it displays on your screens. Tweak the view settings as needed to achieve the look and feel you desire.

Note: Finder views are programmatically refreshed every 24 hours to help maintain real-time performance of the Finder view throughout the day. There's no need to set your digital signage settings to refresh the link.

Check out FAQ on Finder Signage here.