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Teem's conference room display app and meeting insights are now available for select Android tablets.

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Teem's conference room display app and meeting insights are now available for select Android tablets.

Android Tablet Requirements

We officially recommend the Samsung Tab A, which we have thoroughly tested to ensure that manufacturer-installed software does not create a conflict with EventBoard. In addition, Samsung firmware supports Simulcharge, which can deliver power and network over micro USB. 

We also support any Android tablet that meets the following requirements:

  • 7” screen or larger
  • Android OS 6.x or higher
  • The device must support encryption to ensure your data is secure
  • The device must have support for Android for Work. Though it is a built-in feature of Android 6.0, some manufacturers have removed Android for Work support from certain devices

Provisioning the EventBoard Application using Android for Work

Within the Google Play Store, there is a demo-only version of EventBoard. While this is great for some testing or demo needs, it cannot be associated to a room and calendar. This is because Android offers some neat enterprise features–silent updates and kiosk mode–that cannot be distributed through the store. So you'll want to download the production version of the app when rolling it out to your office by following the instructions below. 

We’ve worked directly with Google to make this as seamless as possible:

Start with a fresh device and enter afw#teem as your google account

Power up a new Android (6.0+) device, or factory reset an existing one. Go through the setup wizard until you get to the point of entering a google account for the device. In the email field, you'll enter afw#teem (all lower case)

Android for Work Login Screen

This will fetch the latest build of the EventBoard app from the Google Play Store, install it, and set it up in a kiosk mode. If you get an error that the account is not recognized, you may need to log in with a normal google account, update all Google Play services, then reset the device to factory and try again. If the device is up-to-date and you see this error, then the device may not support Android for Work. Just accept the installation prompts as they appear on the screen. Be sure to encrypt the device if prompted (this is required for security reasons)

Androind for Work Account Install Screen

You will now see the app open in kiosk mode, with a pin code ready to activate on your dashboard at app.teem.com

Teem App Splash Screen with Pin Code

A few additional notes

  • Since EventBoard will essentially take over the tablet in kiosk mode, it must be done from a fresh boot-up of the device, either brand new or factory reset. Google requires this to prevent bad things from taking over your devices, so we support that effort.
  • You can still push the latest version of the app from the web dashboard and it will apply to both legacy displays and new ones that were set up through this process.

Task Lock Mode

In order to lock your Android device to the EventBoard app, we leverage Android's App Pinning feature. If you need to exit EventBoard to make a change on the device, such as change wireless, you will need to exit Task Lock Mode.

Setting Task Lock Pin Code

The default Task Lock pin code is 1234. You can change this within your deployment dashboard, however, by looking for the Task Lock Mode section and setting your Exit Pin.

Device Security Exit Pin Screen Teem App

Existing Task Lock Mode

To use the pin you have set and exit Task Lock Mode, select the gear in the bottom corner of the Android display, then select Exit Task Lock Mode. You will then be able to enter your pin and exit Task Lock Mode.

Edit Settings in Task Lock Mode Teem

Edit existing task lock mode android teem

Alternately, from the Teem admin dashboard, if you turn Task Lock Mode to No, that will exit Task Lock Mode on the device.

Starting Task Lock Mode

Select the gear in the bottom corner of the screen, and in the resulting menu select Start Task Lock Mode. You will then be asked to enter a pin, and then Task Lock Mode will start.

Alternately, from the Teem admin dashboard, if you turn Task Lock Mode to Yes, that will then start Task Lock Mode on the device.

Features Available for Android

Most of our features translate to both iOS and Android with no problem. However, there are exceptions. Local calendars aren't available on Android, for instance. Instead, Teem CloudSync service must be used to sync calendar events.

As you look through the Teem admin dashboard, look for the logos next to some toggles or settings. If the Android icon is not present, that feature is not available at this time for Android. Examples include custom themes and portrait mode.

Allow Reservations Eventboard settings.

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