Flightboard is a browser-based view of the current and upcoming availability of your organization's meeting rooms. These rooms are viewable by campus, building or floor.

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Flightboard is a browser-based view of the current and upcoming availability of your organization's meeting rooms. These rooms are viewable by campus, building or floor.

About Flightboard

Inspired by airport flight status monitors, Flightboard shows real-time status for the meeting rooms in your organization.

This feature was built in response to requests from our customers. Flightboard can be shown on a monitor in a central location on each floor for everyone to reference in a list or map view. Individual users of your Teem account can also view Flightboard in the browser window of their computer or tablet. One thing to note is that Flightboard does not book reservations. This is a read-only format of what's already booked!

Accessing Flightboard

Any one of your organization's Teem account users, whether admin or non-admin user level, can use Flightboard. Here's how to find it.

1. To launch Flightboard, click Employee Tools from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Teem Menu

2. Select Flightboard.

Employee Tools Menu Teem

3. You will be sent to the main Flightboard landing page, which introduces Flightboard and what it does. From there, you'll need to choose a location from the list on the left.

Depending on what you want to see, you can select an entire campus as the location, or drill down by building or even to a specific floor.

(Note: The setup of the location list mirrors how your Teem administrator has organized your company's conference room displays. Please contact your administrator if you don't understand the location list structure.)

Teem Location Selection for Flightboard

4. After you've chosen a location, select the Launch Flightboard button:

Flightboard Example. Meeting Room Availability

5. You should now see a color-coded list of availability details for the campus, building or floor you've selected. Refer to the list below for the color code key, or just remember what the colors on a stoplight represent.

Green: room is currently open

Yellow: indicates room is currently open but a reservation is set and will begin very soon

Red: room is currently being used

(Note: Some meeting titles may show up as "Reserved Meeting" instead of having a descriptive meeting name. When that happens, it means your company's Teem administrator has enabled a privacy setting to hide the meeting title for that particular room.)

Flightboard Example Screen Open Meeting Rooms

Accessing Maps Views

If your organization uses our Maps feature, you have the option to launch Flightboard in a maps view.

1. Maps in Flightboard are only accessible from the floor level, so choose your campus, building and floor.

Teem Flightboard Selections

2. After you have chosen a floor that has a map attached to it, you'll see two buttons at the bottom of the selection window. Choose the Launch Map button:

Flightboard Maps Mode Launch

3. You should now see a colored-coded map:

Color-coded Meeting Room Map by Teem

To bring back the full list of locations, simply use the dropdown arrow next to your current location selection, in the top left. Our screenshot shows Salt Lake City, for example.

Tips for Displaying Flightboard

Have some fun! Flightboard can be displayed around the office to give more visibility of your organization's space use and meeting habits.

TIP: Using a ChromeBox or Mac Mini is a great way to show FlightBoard on almost any TV.

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