The Maps feature lets users find and book meeting space from the display via interactive floor plans that show your organization’s conference room locations and availability.

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The Maps feature lets users find and book meeting space from the display via interactive floor plans that show your organization’s conference room locations and availability.

How to Use Maps on EventBoard

To schedule a room using the Maps feature you need to schedule an event directly from an EventBoard device.

On the device, tap the + Event button.

Maps on Eventboard App

You will then be taken to the Create New Event page. Tap on the Room Name. In this case, the room name is Aubrey Test Device.

Create A New Event Screen EventBoard

A color-coded map will appear. It will automatically zoom in to show the room to which the device you’re using is connected. Use the touchscreen to zoom and rotate the map in any direction for more visibility.  

Note: Not all Teem room plans include the Maps feature. If a map does not show when you tap the room name, please contact your Teem administrator.

Select A Room Option EventBoard

If you tap on any room that’s showing up as green, it’ll take you to the Schedule an Event screen.

If you want to schedule a room that is not on the current floor, use the pulldown filters at the bottom of the screen to select the location of the floor you’d like to view.

Select a Floor Option Teem

You can also search for a specific room on a floor by tapping the search button. You will be presented with a space to type in the room name, and the map will then zoom into the room for which you have searched. Tap on the room name and you will be able to schedule the room.

You may have noticed in the screenshots above, the rooms are displaying in green. If a room is green, this means the room is available. If the room is unavailable, it will be displayed in red, as shown here:

Select a Room Feature Teem

Let’s look at how to successfully add Maps to your admin account.

Setting up Maps

Teem builds these maps for customers, by request. There are a couple of things to do before you get started:

  • First, talk with your account executive to make sure your plan level includes the Maps feature.
  • Ensure that the devices that will utilize the maps are updated to EventBoard 2.8.6 or newer.

Now you’re ready to set up Maps. 

Duplicating Physical Structure

It is imperative that your organization’s spaces are set up in the Teem admin dashboard to mirror your physical office layout. If you have one building with three floors and six rooms per floor, this should be reflected within the Teem dashboard.

This dashboard structure will need to be in place before the map is finished, because it is directly tied to the map.

If you have to delete a room and create a new one with the same name, that new room won't be available on the map. Please be mindful of this once your physical structure is duplicated.

Floor Plan Images

We will use a floor plan image that you provide to make the map. Don't worry if it has everything, including the kitchen sink -- we want the best map possible. We will use this as a foundation for a simple and intuitive floor map.

A few notes about the floor plan image:

1. This map file can be in PNG, PDF and JPEG formats. We prefer an image with the best resolution that you can provide.
2. We need a scale indicated on the map. This can be done with a measurement placed on a wall within the floorplan. We can scale against a visual representation.
3. We need notation on the map of room names, these should match the names in the Teem admin dashboard.
4. Please have noted on the map, or with the file name, which campus, building, and floor each individual map is for.
5. We can add annotations for printers, food, drink, fountain, office supplies, first aid and fire extinguishers. Mark those on the image files if you’d like them included on your final conference room display maps.

Maps for Flightboard

Your maps can also be used in Flightboard. For more information, click here

Maps FAQ

Q: If my company decides to implement Maps, can we get that up and running before we get our rooms created on the dashboard?
A: No, you will need to have all rooms created before we have the maps added so we can assign the correct map image to the correct room. Otherwise, end users won’t be able to book the correct room from the conference room tablet display.

Q: Do we have to have a map in order to use the Book Other Rooms function on the room display?
A: No, your company will still be able to use the Book Other Rooms function without map images. You will see a room list instead of map images.

Q: Will Maps work if we decide to only use it on one of the floors we have in the building?
A: Yes, we can upload map images to just one floor. Any floors that do not have images for maps will have the room list displayed.

Q: If a room is deleted and re-added, will the map function still work?
A: No, it will not. Make sure your rooms don't get deleted once the maps have been uploaded to your account (each map is assigned to a specific room at the time of upload).

Q: Can I view the maps from anywhere else, besides the room display tablet?
A: Yes. If you’ve implemented Maps, individual employees can pull up Flightboard at their desks to view the map for each floor and see color-coded room availability.

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