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Finder FAQ

Finder is a space-booking and wayfinding tool that helps employees easily connect with their workplace community. It combines an intuitive touch interface with a seamless at-a-glance view of the workplace, making it easy to book rooms and desks ad hoc, locate assigned desks (with search functionality coming soon), and wayfind via maps.

  • What hardware should I buy for this?
  • Will it run on an iPad or Android Tablet?
    • Yes. Finder runs on all modern web browsers. However, there are limitations with tablets in that you will likely have to deploy the URL in-person on the device. Some tablets will also show the browser address bar during the kiosk experience.

  • How much does Finder cost?
    • Finder is included in your Enterprise subscription to Teem. It requires an updated floor map, but that's it. You're also responsible for purchasing touch-enabled hardware.

  • How do I get set up?
    • Jump to this page and follow the steps under "Finder."

  • Does it require Teem Maps?
    • Yes. Finder is an interactive map experience.

  • Is Finder in sync with the rest of my room calendars and the Teem platform?
    • Yes. Finder is another touchpoint on top of the Teem platform and will show real-time availability of your office spaces, including rooms and desks.

  • When a desk is reserved by someone on the mobile app or plug-ins, does it show up on Finder?
    • Yes. Desk reservations and permanent desk assignments will show up on Finder. The username from Teem will be displayed as a label on the assigned or reserved desk.