Aruba Beacons and Meridian Maps Integration

Our room scheduling app, Teem mobile, provides turn-by-turn directions and instant meeting booking from your phone through our integration with Meridian maps and Aruba beacons.

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Our room scheduling app, Teem mobile, provides turn-by-turn directions and instant meeting booking from your phone through our integration with Meridian maps and Aruba beacons.

Setting Up Your Aruba and Meridian Integrations

This section is for administrators who need to set up the integration itself. This process is very easy, but it is dependent on you having everything set up within your Aruba/Meridian dashboard, including having attached Aruba beacons, and that you already have all of your rooms (and space hierarchy) set up within EventBoard. The steps here will simply connect the two.

Step 1: Gather Required Info

You will need to be able to log in as an administrator on your Teem account, as well as having an administrator credential set (email and password) for your Meridian account.

You will also need your Aruba/Meridian account ID, which you can get from your URL once you are logged in to your Meridian account. If my URL looked like, then my account ID would be 2934582342567123.

In Step 2 you will input your Aruba/Meridian email, password and account ID into your Teem account to make the connection.

Step 2: Connect Your Aruba Account

Navigate to and look for the Beacons and Sensors section. Click the Activate button below the Aruba logo. If you don't see it, please reach out to support or your account executive.

Aruba Beacons Teem Activation Button

You will then see fields where you can enter the account details you collected in Step 1. Simply fill out the form and select Save.

Aruba Beacons Integrations Seetings Teem

Step 3: Associate Aruba Beacons to Teem Rooms

After selecting Save, refresh the Aruba integration page then scroll down to the Mapping section. Here you will see the lists of beacons and floors that we received from Aruba/Meridian, which are now ready to be mapped to (in other words, paired with) Teem rooms and floors.

Aruba Mapping Beacons and Floors with TeemAruba Mapping Floors to Eventboard Floors

To map a specific Aruba beacon to a Teem room, use the drop downs to select a beacon (drop down on the left) and a room (drop down on the right). Then click the Add Mapping button.

Aruba Map Beacon with Eventboard Floors

Once you have done that, the new mapping will appear in the list of mappings where you can delete them if needed.

Note: You can have as many Aruba beacons associated to a single Teem room as you need. In addition, the system will let you assign one beacon to two rooms, but you can only ever book one, so please be careful not to do that.

Aruba Mapping Beacons with Teem Integration

Step 4: Associate Meridian Floor Maps to Teem Floors

This step follows the exact same steps as assigning beacons to rooms. Just use the lower section titled Map Meridian floors to Teem floors.

Setup Troubleshooting

No beacons are being pulled in to be associated.Please see the Logs tab of the Aruba integration section of your Teem admin dashboard (where you added the integration). This can notify you of any trouble we are having in connecting to your account.

Why are beacons missing?We pull in an updated list of beacons and maps every hour, as well as when you hit the Save button on the integration itself. If you have just made the association, please make sure you select Save and then refresh the page. If you have refreshed the page and you still have missing items, please go to the Logs tab of the Aruba integration page to see if anything is out of place there.

End User Instructions for Using Teem for Wayfinding and Beacon-Based Booking

In order to use our Aruba and Meridian integrations you must be using Teem mobile 1.0.3 or newer. If you're not familiar with Teem mobile, please head over to its dedicated document (LINK/support/eventboard-room-scheduling/teem-mobile-app).

Additionally, your company’s Teem / Aruba admin will have to set up your company's Teem account before these features are available on your phone. (If you are the Teem admin, skip down to the Setting Up section. We'll walk through the set-up process there.)

Book a Room Using Beacons

This feature lets you quickly book a room for your meeting, using just your phone. Unlock your phone's screen and hold it up to the room beacon. You will get a notification inviting you to book the room. Using this notification, you can easily book for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Teem Book Room with Aruba Integrations

Teem Mobile App Book with Aruba

If the room is already in use, don't worry, the notification will tell you.

Unsuccessful Booking with Teem App and Aruba Integration

Boom! It's as easy as that! This room will be booked under your name, for your selected amount of time. This reservation will also be added to your personal calendar and to the room's digital display, so everyone else can tell that you've booked the space.

Using Maps and Wayfinding

To use indoor wayfinding in Teem, tap any meeting listed under Upcoming Events that has the orange location symbol on it.

Teem Find Room by Map Location from Aruba

Now that your room is booked, Teem will show turn-by-turn directions to the room attached to the meeting reservation you've selected, starting from your current location.

Teem App step by Step directions from Aruba Beacons

If the app cannot find your location, it will ask you to input the name of the room you're currently in, and then provide you with directions from there.


When I try to do the quick reserve at a beacon, it doesn't do anything. This can happen for a few reasons. Go through these steps, and then try again.

  1. Open the app to ensure that you're still logged in.
  2. Confirm that Bluetooth is on.
  3. From your iPhone settings, go to the Teem app and make sure the permission setting for Location is set to Always.
  4. Also note that the app only runs for 10 seconds on the lock screen. So if batteries are low in the beacons themselves, this can have a negative impact.

The maps seem way off. The wayfinding feature works through our integration with Aruba's Meridian maps, which means that Teem takes the maps directly from Meridian and displays them for you. If the map's scale or beacons seem way off, please have your Aruba/Meridian administrator adjust the maps in Meridian. The next time you run Teem, we'll get the update.

I get "failed to make reservation" or a 422 error. This can be due to the Teem room settings. Have your Teem administrator check that Allow Booking is set to Yes for the Room Space.

Proximity between me and a beacon seems way off. Please have your Aruba/Meridian administrator adjust the beacon power settings within Aruba and see if there are any battery level concerns. If the battery in the beacon is below 30%, the signal may be too low for Teem to detect.

My battery is dying like crazy.When you are not using Teem, please force close it. We have noticed a huge boost in battery when we do. Also, please note that when you unlock the phone screen, the Teem app runs for 10 seconds to try and find a nearby room. This shouldn't be enough to negatively affect your battery life.

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