Slack Integration for LobbyConnect

    June 25th, 2019

    Last updated: June 25th, 2019

      This integration allows your employees to receive Slack notifications when their guests check in via LobbyConnect. The notification includes the visitor's name and photo, as well as their location.

      Our Slack integration is currently limited to LobbyConnect check-in notifications, but if you’d like to integrate Slack with Teem, you can easily do so through our Zapier integration. 


      In order to successfully complete this integration:

      • You must be logged in as a Teem administrator.
      • You must be a Slack administrator.
      • You need the exact name of a Slack channel that can be used for general messages.

      Setting up the Slack Integration

      Please note that this integration will apply to your entire company. It cannot be applied to one location.

      1. Navigate to the Manage section of your anchor menu in the top left corner of your dashboard, and click on Apps & Integrations.

      2. Click on 3rd Party Apps.
      Setting up Slack Integration with Teem

      3. You will be re-directed to a 3rd Party Integrations menu. Scroll down to Chat Platforms and select the yellow Activate button.

      Teem 3rd Party Apps Integrations

      4. After authorization is complete, you will be taken back to the 3rd Party Integrations menu. Under Slack Notifications, select the blue Settings button.

      Slack Notifications Settings Button

      5. From there, you have the option to change the name of the bot sending the LobbyConnect notifications. You can also adjust the data cache interval. I

      IMPORTANT: Please fill in the Backup Channel field with an existing channel, including the # at the beginning of the channel name. (This backup option is used when we can't match the employee's email to Slack in order to send them a direct message.) Then select Save.

      Slack Notifications Details Box Teem

      Using the Integration

      Once the integration has been set up, whenever a guest signs in to LobbyConnect and selects the name of the employee they're visiting, that employee will get a direct message from the bot telling them that their visitor has arrived.

      This is possible because the integration matches the employee's email address in LobbyConnect with their chat email address. If the email address attached to that contact in LobbyConnect does not exist in your chat service, or if your employee contacts in LobbyConnect do not contain email addresses, the notification will go into the backup channel configured earlier.

      For instance, if my Slack email is [email protected], but my contact email is [email protected], then the match will fail and my alert will go into the backup channel.

      Note: Companies that use Google SSO or Office 365 SSO may benefit from also adding those integrations to their Teem account to simplify LobbyConnect contact management.

      This notification method does not replace the email or text message that the employee normally receives from LobbyConnect when their visitor arrives. So the host will have multiple notifications.

      LobbyConnect Notification on Slack

      Basic Troubleshooting

      I don't have the Apps & Integrations option in the menu. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to get Integrations enabled. They sound scary, but really are nice.

      Slack says I don't have permissions and asks me to log in. This will happen if you are not an admin within your organization's chat account.

      Certain employees aren't getting direct messages when their guest arrives. This will happen if an employee's email address in LobbyConnect does not exactly match their email address within the chat account. For instance, maybe an email address with their first name is only used in LobbyConnect, but in Slack their email address contains first and last name. Please check your LobbyConnect contacts to ensure these two addresses are exactly the same. If they aren't, you'll need to edit one of them so that they match, otherwise that employee will be unable to receive direct messages from LobbyConnect.

      What if we only want to use Slack for LobbyConnect notifications, i.e. turn off the existing email/text notifications? Currently this integration is in addition to the standard notification methods, it does not replace them. There is not a way to receive notifications via chat only.

      Chat alerts aren’t coming through. This happens in a couple of circumstances. First, when the Backup Channel does not exist. Second, load could delay notifications. This is rare. If you see this, please let us know. Don't worry in either case: visitors are still logged, and SMS or email alerts still go out.

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