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Teem APIs

Our developer platform provides API documentation that lets you create test tokens, make API calls for Teem and Insights endpoints, and see their output.

Developer Platform

We offer a developer platform with APIs for companies that want to use their Teem data in very specific contexts. For example, maybe you’d want to create a dashboard-like page to show all users and bookings.

Our interactive documentation will let you create test tokens and actually make API calls and see their output right from there. Our Apps and Authentication area will allow you to create real use tokens and register real world apps using OAuth.

Teem API

Our Teem app API provides basic endpoints available to all customers, such as Reservations (events), Rooms (your company’s structural hierarchy within Teem), and Users.

Teem Getting Started Developer Portal

Insights API

The Insights API provides some of the meeting-specific data that we use to build our Insights reporting – information that is not available via the Teem app API. This Insights API is only available to customers at a certain plan level; contact your customer success manager for more details.

To access interactive documentation and register your apps, please visit

Teem Insights API Endpoints

We’d love to hear how you’re using our APIs, as well as any endpoint requests that you may have.