October 23rd, 2019

    Last updated: October 23rd, 2019

      On LobbyConnect’s home screen, there is a one-touch Delivery button. When this feature is turned on, whoever is dropping off a delivery won’t have to fill in additional information. They simply push the Delivery button and whoever has been designated to receive delivery notifications will be notified of the delivery’s arrival.

      Here’s how to turn on the Delivery feature.

      1. Navigate to the teem dashboard.

      2. Go to Manage on the left menu.

      3. Under Manage, click on Apps and Integrations.

      4. Then click on LobbyConnect.

      5. Finally, click on Deliveries.

      Search for one or more employees who you would like to receive delivery arrival notifications.

      6. Select Save.

      Note: if no names are designated, the Delivery button is not shown on the LobbyConnect home screen.

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