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    November 21st, 2019

    Last updated: November 21st, 2019

      Using visitor types allows you to set the fields and contract that each visitor type is required to fill out at check-in. That data can then be used to inform business decisions by exporting visitor logs and utilizing Visitor Insights. Examples of visitor types are Business, Interview, Family, Delivery, etc.


      To use visitor types, be mindful of the following requirements:

      • A LobbyConnect license – you can obtain one by reaching out to your account executive
      • Make sure the Teem account you’re using to log in has been granted admin-level permissions
      • Your company’s Teem account should have its structure built out to match your organization’s physical space
      • Have LobbyConnect application installed and running on your iPad

      Creating Visitor Types

      1. Navigate to the admin dashboard.

      2. From the menu on the left side of the page, select Manage > Visitors > Types > + VISIT TYPE.

      3. The New Visit Type view will appear. Fill in the form for your new visitor type. Below are descriptions of each field:

      • Name - Give the visitor type a name, such as "Delivery" or "Guest." Visitors will select the reason for their visit from the list of Type Names when they check-in, so use names that are descriptive enough for your guests
      • Fields - These are default fields that a visitor will be asked to fill out on the initial registration screen. You can select if they will be shown or required
      • Custom Text Fields - Use the custom text fields if you want to ask for additional information. Select + ADD CUSTOM FIELD and provide a label for the field. You can add up to 5 custom text fields. Note that the more fields you add, the longer the guest check-in experience will be.
      • Contract - This will let you select any contracts you’d like your visitors to sign through LobbyConnect when checking in. If you leave the defaulted None option, no contracts will be shown
      • Upload Icon - Upload an icon to represent the visitor type on the LobbyConnect display. Here are some visitor type Icons to get you started
      • Choose Badge Style - This will let you select the printer style of visitor badge. You can use our default template, or select any custom templates the Teem staff has built for you. If you leave the defaulted None option, no badge will be printed

      4.  Select SAVE CHANGES when you're done.

      Repeat the process to set up all the visitor types that you would like to appear on the display when a guest checks into your office.

      Enabling Visitor Types

      Users can turn individual visitor types on for the locations of their choosing. Visitor types follow the rules of settings inheritance and can be enabled/disabled from the Campus level down to the device level. 

      For example, if you want to turn on Interview, UPS, Client Visit and Hot Dog Delivery on at the campus level, those visitor types will be turned on for all of your locations, but if you want to make sure that a specific building is not accepting any Hot Dog Deliveries, you can turn that visitor type off for that building only. 

      To enable visitor types, follow these steps:

      1. Navigate to the Locations section of the admin dashboard. 

      2. Select the location (campus, building, floor, room) where you want to enable Visitor Types.

      3. From the selected space, click on EDIT OVERRIDES then VISITOR & RECEPTION DISPLAYS from the slide-out menu.

      4. Scroll down to Visitor Types and toggle the desired visitor types on/off.

      5. Select SAVE CHANGES to confirm your settings.

      Once the changes are saved, when a visitor checks in using LobbyConnect 2.0, they’ll be asked the reason for their visit. Then,  asked to fill in the fields, and sign applicable contracts for that visitor type.

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