Visitor Badges for LobbyConnect

    Quickly manage your printed visitor badges for LobbyConnect

    Last updated: October 23rd, 2019

      LobbyConnect provides different printed badge options for your visitors. Badge templates can be configured in the Visit Types section of app.teem by going to Manage > Visitors > Types. Select the type you want to edit then scroll down to the Badge Style section:

      Badge Style

      The following badge styles are available to you:

      Default Theme

      Simple Badge with Logo

      Standard Badge 2 with Logo

      Standard Badge 3 with photo, logo and visitor keyword

      Standard Badge with Photo and Logo

      Standard Portrait without Logo

      Custom Badges

      We offer custom badges for our customers that want something more tailored to their brand or needs. You can find out more by contacting your Salesperson or Customer Success Manager, or by emailing [email protected].

      If you have not configured a printer for LobbyConnect, see Setup Printer for Visitor Badges for more information.

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