How to Add, Move or Delete LobbyConnect Devices

Wondering how to add, move or remove devices (tablets) for LobbyConnect? Find out here!

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Wondering how to add, move or remove devices (tablets) for LobbyConnect? Find out here!


In order to run LobbyConnect, our visitor management app for lobbies, you’ll need to connect the tablets to your company’s Teem account. But before doing that:

  • Make sure that the Teem account you’re using to log in has been granted admin-level permissions.
  • Your company’s Teem account should have its structure built out to match your organization’s physical space.
  • Download the LobbyConnect app on a supported device and make note of the activation pin that you received as part of the download process.

Got all that? Now you’re ready to add a device to a space.

How to Add Devices

1. Log in to Teem and click Locations, which will take you to the Spaces tab.

How to Add Device for LobbyConnect

2. Click on Devices and a yellow plus sign will appear. Click the plus sign.

Add New Device for LobbyConnect by Teem

3. A pop-up menu will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. Next, enter in your 5 digit pin code and name your device. You will have the option to give a short description of your device.

There is also a section called Device Location. If you have already set up your spaces, the Location fields will show as pulldowns you can use to select what physical location (which campus, building, floor and room) this device is attached to.

Note: If you’ve set up both lobbies (for LobbyConnect) and room spaces (for Teem), both types will show in the pulldown list.

Make sure you are selecting the correct room for the device, or it will automatically create a new room when you add the new device.

New Device Details for LobbyConnect

4. Once you have checked the location of the device, click Save at the bottom of the screen and your device has been added!

How to Move Your Device

What happens if you accidentally create a device and attach it to the wrong space? What if you want to move a device that you created previously to a different campus? This section will walk you through how to move your device with a few easy steps.

1. Log in to Teem and click on Locations in the top left corner, which will take you to the Spaces tab.

2. Click on the Devices tab.

3. A list of your devices will now be displayed. You can search by name, or filter to see only LobbyConnect devices (i.e. to exclude Teem conference room display devices).

LobbyConnect Devices Dashboard

4. When you find the device you want to move, click on Details next to the device.

5. You will see a menu to edit device details. Scroll down until you see the section for Device Location.

6. Below the Device Location section, it will highlight what room your device is currently attached to.Edit Device Location for LobbyConnect

7. Choose the campus, building, floor and room to which you’d like to attach the device.

8. Once the room name has been selected, click Save Changes at the bottom of your screen and your device will be moved to its new location.

Delete a Device

Sometimes customers need to delete devices. The process is similar to moving a device, with a few important differences.

1. Once you’re in the Devices section of Locations (see instructions above), select the checkbox next to the device you want to delete.

2. A highlighted blue box will appear at the top of your device list. The amount of devices selected will be displayed as well as a red button to Delete Entries.

Delete a LobbyConnect Device

3.  Clicking the Delete Entries button will delete the device permanently. Before you click the button, double check that this device is in fact the one you are wanting to delete.

Quickly add new deployments with Quick Add

1. Login to Teem and click Locations. Remember, Locations can be found nested under Manage in the left menu.

2. Teem users with Admin privileges will see a small ( + ) symbol on the right as they hover over each section of the Location Directory. This is called the Quick Add button. Click the Quick Add button on an existing space (Room or Lobby) to add a device to your Lobby.

Teem Quick Add Deployments

3. When adding a device, you will be asked to enter your App Activation Code that you receive when downloading LobbyConnect 2.0 onto your device.

4. Once you've entered your App Activation Code, the device has been added. The device display name will default to Synch Requested.  You may want to go to the Device tab and choose your own name later.

You can also drag and drop a room onto a different floor, or a floor onto a different building. It's handy to clean up one-off mistakes or move an entire deployment into a new building. 

Teem Drag and Drop Conference Room Management

Licensing the Device  

LobbyConnect licenses are attached to the device, rather than rooms.

As long as you have LobbyConnect licenses available, the device will be automatically licensed when it is created. If you find yourself with an unlicensed device, follow these steps to correct it:

First, navigate to Click Manage from the anchor menu, then click Overview. You will then see Plan Summary on the right side of the page. There you can see your license count. Make sure you have available device licenses to assign. If you don’t, please contact our Customer Success team.

Licensing a LobbyConnect DeviceOnce you’ve ensured you have a license available, Browse to the unlicensed device by selecting Locations in the left hand menu. Then go to the Device tab and find the device that is not licensed and click on the Details button. From the pop-out menu toggle the license to yes.

Deactivate LobbyConnect License

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