How to Create a Lobby

    April 1st, 2020

    Last updated: April 1st, 2020

      Create a lobby for use with LobbyConnect, our visitor management platform.

      Space Hierarchy and Override Settings

      Before creating a lobby, it’s important to understand the Teem space hierarchy and override settings. Space hierarchy is the space structure for your entire organization that defines where your rooms live. 

      Teem’s Space Hierarchy’s various levels in order: 

      • Organization
      • Campus
      • Building
      • Floor
      • Space

      It’s important to note that you don’t have to set all hierarchy levels’ settings. Many deployments can just set the Organization settings and be ready to go. However, you can override settings anywhere within the hierarchy. Overrides give you the ability to make an exception to any of the default settings you’ve made for your organization and have that exception apply to all levels below in the space hierarchy.

      Learn more about space hierarchy and override settings as well as recommended EventBoard Room Display settings here. 

      Creating a Lobby

      Creating a Lobby is very similar to creating a room or desk.

      1. Navigate to

      2. Click Manage in the left menu.

      3. Nested under Manage, click Locations. You will now see the Locations page for your organization.

      4. There are tabs at the top of the page. There is a Spaces tab. Click on this.

      How to Create a Lobby Teem

      5. A blue icon that notes Add Space with a symbol. Click on this to add a new Lobby.

      Add Space Button Teem

      6. Once you have clicked to add a space, a pop-out will open to the right of the screen. 

      New Space Details Box

      7. Here, you will change the default Space Type from "Room" to "Lobby" by clicking on the drop-down menu for Space Type.


      New Space Type Selection

      8.  Then name your space. This name will appear in your Teem dashboard.

      New Space Name Teem

      9. Next is an option for a short description. This could be a description of the location of the Lobby for reference.

      New Space Short Description Teem

      10. Finally, you will need to select the location where your space will be living in your organization.

      New Space Room Location Teem

      Once you have chosen the location, you have the option of saving this room and adding another or saving this room without creating more rooms. Choose the option that best fits.

      Save Button Teem Conference Room Management

      Creating a Lobby with Quick Add

      Creating a Lobby with Quick Add is similar to creating a room or desk with Quick Add.

      1. To start, navigate to

      2. Go to the menu on the left side of the screen and click Manage.

      3. Nested under Manage, find Locations and click that. You will now see the Locations page for your organization.

      4. Teem users with Admin privileges will see a small ( + ) symbol on the right as they hover over each section of the Location Directory. This is called the Quick Add button. Clicking the Quick Add button will add a new space.

      Teem Quick Add Conference Room Management

      5. When adding a space, you will need to choose if the space is a Room, Lobby, or Desk. In this case, you will choose Lobby.

      6. Lastly, you will be asked to name the Lobby you are creating.

      With this Quick Add feature, users can build out an entirely new location in minutes. 

      You can also drag and drop a room onto a different floor, or a floor onto a different building. It's handy to clean up one-off mistakes or move an entire deployment into a new building.

      Note: Locations created using Quick Add inherit settings from their parent location.

      Teem Conference Room Management Drag and Drop

      Next Steps

      Now that you have successfully created your Lobby, head over to our article on adding devices and get your device set up.

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