How to Customize the LobbyConnect Welcome Screen

    October 23rd, 2019

    Last updated: October 23rd, 2019

      LobbyConnect allows you to customize the background image(s) and logo displayed on the welcome screen. 

      Customizing the LobbyConnect screensaver

      By default, LobbyConnect comes with a screensaver featuring a variety of images of bridges. Customers can also upload any set of images for their own customized screensaver.

      1. To begin, navigate to Manage on your Teem admin dashboard. 

      2. Under Apps & Integrations, select LobbyConnect.

      LobbyConnect Menu from Teem

      3. This will redirect you to your LobbyConnect App Settings. Under the section labeled Welcome Screen, tap Add/Edit Slideshow Albums.

      LobbyConnect App Settings Screen

      4. Tap the yellow ( + ) Album button in the top right corner to create a new album.

      5. To create an album you need to give it a name and description. Once completed, tap Save & Manage Images.

      LobbyConnect Albums Save and Manage Images

      6. Initially, an album has no images, to add images, tap Upload Some Images.

      Upload Images for LobbyConnect Albums

      7. Simply drag and drop the images into the upload area, and your new screensaver images will be uploaded quickly and easily.

      8. Once you have added all your images, tap Done.

      Upload Images for LobbyConnect

      9. Navigate back to your LobbyConnect App Settings Page (see instructions above). Tap the Select Album button under Welcome Screen.

      Welcome Screen LobbyConnect Settings

      10. A pop-up menu will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. Select an album & tap Done.

      Select Slideshow Album LobbyConnect

      Your new LobbyConnect screensaver is ready to go! LobbyConnect will now display your new images on the Welcome screen.

      Setting your welcome screen logo

      Make a positive first impression by customizing LobbyConnect’s welcome screen with your logo. Here’s how to make sure your brand takes center stage.

      1. To start, navigate to
      2. Click on Manage in the left menu.
      3. Under Manage, click Teem Account.
      4. In Teem Account, select Company Details.
      5. Here you will set a logo. The logo is set at the organization level and will show in visitor pre-registration emails and on the LobbyConnect home screen.
      6. You can choose to upload your logo with our Main Logo option which is best for light-colored backgrounds or with our Inverse Logo option which is best for dark-colored backgrounds.

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